1. Following Trump’s health care cuts Bubba was forced to walk to the emergency room after he got his head stuck in the garbage disposal.

  2. After his neighbor was killed by falling ice, Kevin never left the house without head protection.

  3. Now when we get there, and the doctor asks how it happened, you just let me do the talking, okay? You got that?

  4. “Let me guess; it’s counter-intuitive.”

    “And WHERE did you put the faucet??”

    “No, honey, I don’t think Steve Martin started out that way.”

    “Sink or swim. And I’m all outta pools.”

    “I know what Alex Jones says, but most people just use tin foil.”

  5. After the funeral service concluded, appropriately-attired Beatrice and Hemstrod enjoy an invigorating stroll home along the new heated sidewalk.

  6. Enjoying a casual stroll along the heated sidewalk, Beatrice and Hemstrod delicately balance the left-overs from the viewing at the funeral parlor.

  7. Imagining a post-human world, Beatrice and Hemstrod slowly become aware of the inevitability — who will operate the sidewalk heater!

  8. Although the visitor from the alien ship was certainly not Beatrice’s greatest lover, the stranger she nick-named ‘Hemstrod’ compensated by not talking much.

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