Here We Go Again


Climate change could wipe out up to HALF of all plant and animal life on Earth by 2070 if temperatures keep increasing, study warns
The impact of ‘maximum temperatures’ is more important for species survival
Experts tracked species in hundreds of locations to see how they handle heat
If temperatures rise by 3.6F we would still lose 20 per cent of plants and animals
If they rise by more than that we could lose up to half of all plants and animals

Yeah, and IF temperatures rise by 200 degrees we’d all melt into one big bouillabaise. As always, beware the weasel words like “could” and “if” (also “and”, “the” and all the other words these assholes use when they’re trying to scare us into doing something stupid).  And 2070, now?

The sad thing is that all this alarmism is affecting people — fortunately, just the ones who are fragile and easily conned.

People who suffer ‘eco-anxiety’ reveal their terror about the climate crisis is causing insomnia, depression and chest pain

I hope you all die from those symptoms because quite frankly, you’re all too fucking stupid to live.


  1. Oh JFC on a pogo stick. They’ve been making “predictions” like this for 50 years & none of them come true. Now they kick the can down the road to 2070. It takes a special kind of stupid to fall for this but sadly, that’s in plentiful supply.

  2. OH, fJfC, the only Globaloney Warming has been in their phony baloney computer models. You really have to be some kind of special stupid to keep spouting all this fucking nonsense.

  3. Unfortunately the public schools have my daughter conned into thinking that the world is on fire and Bernie is the only one who can save us. Arrgghh!!!

  4. Last time I looked, radiant solar energy arriving on Earth’s surface is about 18,000,000 times the total energy generated over the same time by humans.
    In addition, the mass of Earth, with a molten core as hot as the sun, is about 12 trillion times the mass of all the humans on earth.
    People who think we can significantly alter the effect of these massive energy sources on our climate are grossly stupid or ignorant, and those claiming to be able to do it are are controlling megalomaniacs such as Megalo Bloomberg.
    Total solar irradiation interaction with the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and landmasses is the biggest factor determining our climate; second is probably volcanic activity, and whatever we mere humans do doesn’t amount to a flea on an elephant.

  5. Even if the Watermelons actually believe their own bullshit, they are guilty of employing collectivist math:

    They assume that as climate changes all of those species will remain stagnant in their current configuration and will not adapt to changing conditions, or that new species won’t fill the spaces left by those that don’t.

    Just like the same ilk assumes that raising taxes always raises revenue because people will not change their habits and actions based on increased costs.

    1. My favorite are sin taxes such as on cigarettes, liquor, beer, wine and gasoline. They set these things high with highfaluting speeches about curbing this terrible behavior and then complain when the revenue flow dwindles. There’s a move afoot to replace gas taxes with embedded GPS devices and tax people by the number of miles they drive. The growth in hybrids and electrics has caused a noticeable decrease in gas tax revenue.

  6. Don’t care. I’m 50, drink ethanol based beverages and eat bovine protein like Jordan Peterson coming off a fast; I won’t be here in 2070.
    Do. Not. Care.
    the fact that this is a bullshit prediction is of course beside the point. I’m always amazed at how many times leftist predictions of REEEEEEEEEEE are wrong, then the same fucker writes another book that leftists consider gospel, rinse and repeat, see Paul Erhlich.
    I mean, how many bites of the apple do you get?

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