Not Much To See Here

Last Saturday, while doing some routine maintenance on Ye Olde Lappe Toppe, I somehow managed to delete almost all my bookmarks.  This means I’ve lost my map to the Internet (which isn’t too much hassle) as well as the shortcuts to every single bit of research I’ve ever done since the world / Internet was young (which is a huge hassle).

The only saving grace (if it can be called that) is that my critical links (banking, rent, taxes etc.) were in a different bookmark folder and were spared destruction.


As such, I’ll be trying to rebuild my online heritage, so to speak, over the next week or two, and thus may take even longer than usual to respond to emails and such than normal. Please bear with me in my Tyme of Troubles:

…and keep sending those entries in for the ULD Rifle.

Also, no chiding me for failing to back up the Bookmarks file — easy in MS Windows (which I haven’t used in about three years), NOT so easy using Chrome, as it turns out.

There are times when I’m so fucking stupid…

[exit, punching self in face]


  1. My sympathies. ‘Whoso be without sin, let them cast the first stone.’ We’ve all been there. There’s even a term for it, the ohnosecond.

    Good luck with your mission!

  2. Ah, yes. The wunerful world of modern technology. Do I feel your pain? Not yet, but I’m about to.

    As many here know, we tend to become set in our ways. We take DISTINCT PLEASURE in returning to find things JUST AS WE LEFT THEM. I liked Win XP. I ran it literally until the wheels fell off. Same for Win 7. Now I am forced once again to “upgrade”. To Win 10. Oh joy.

    When we still lived in Kalifornia, we used a local Computer store that was absolutely top drawer. When it came time, I would take in my old tower, and they would handle the transfer of data/files to the new tower with the new OS. Their installs were clean with all the bloat ware ripped out, and they were happy to explain what they did and why, in as much detail as you could stand. I have not found their equal (yet) here in DFW.

    My plan is to buy a new tower (with an SSD drive) and have them ship it to me. I will handle the data/file transfer. To Win 10. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I’m going to need a range day. Maybe two.

    1. I’m using Open Shell on my win10 machines that (mostly) replicates look and function of Win7. I think you can also get it to look like XP, but didn’t explore that option.

      I’ve been using Karen’s Replicator for years at home and at work while I was working. Back everything up to an external USB hard drive nightly (including my book mark files, RSS feeds, e-mail settings etc).

      Both programs are free and I’ve have good success and not problems with either of them.

      Just an FYI

      1. Open Shell saved my sanity when I needed to transition from 7 to 10, but received notice that they no longer support that system, so I’m just hanging on because 10 just turned me off.

  3. After spending most of my adult life in the world of compuuttering….I can not stand this demonic technology. After retiring I take occasions where my laptop belches as reminders that I need to go back to good old books…

    Story from my work days…I was trained by my 3 letter company that diagnostics could be run at same time system was doing its normal workload. So when a large customer called me in to figure out what the hell was going on with a balky system…I told them “we” could run the diags…now…at lunchtime…12 noon. Suffice to say both the customer executive and I were surprised – read that as effing shocked and in panic mode, as 800 active customer reps all looked up at US when the system froze. Dead as a doornail. The exec looked at me with saucer eyes and asked me to leave the premises.

  4. A couple things:

    If it’s still available dig through your history. You might be able to recover it.

    Get a “password manager” like Keepass and put everything important in it. Open (if you haven’t already) a Dropbox account and store the keepass file(s) there. Thus it is easy to find/recover my “important” websites. I also have my keepass file password in the family keepass file just in case I die.

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