ULD Rifle Reminder #3

(Several people wrote to me and pleaded with me to extend the deadline because of the dreaded Post-Christmas Poverty so common in Western society.  So I have.)

**** Note:  the deadline for entries is now February 29 ****

For those who missed this announcement (see here for details), let me remind you that this is a good chance to get a very nice long-distance sniper hunting rifle (such as the example below), for only the cost of a couple boxes of ammo…

May not be the actual rifle selected

(FYI:  from memory, the above rig cost about $2,800 back in 200[x].  We’re not quite halfway there right now, and guns have got more expensive since then.)

We’ve moved from the BB gun with a $10 Chinese scope mounted on it with duct tape, to a halfway-decent rifle, e.g. this second-hand CZ 577 Heavy Barrel in .308 Win:

…except that it will still  only have the $10 Chinese scope mounted on it with duct tape.

Here’s an idea of what you can get, second-hand, for just over $2,800:  Remington Arms 40-XB KS 7.62x51mm NATO caliber single shot rifle,with heavy stainless barrel, Kevlar stock and a Leupold 24X BR scope.

Or else this (also second-hand), for about $2,500:

Steyr Tactical HB .308 Win caliber rifle with Zeiss 3-12×56 scope.

That’s  the kind of rig I’m aiming for.  So you know what to do, those of you who’ve been lollygagging and waiting for Godot:  get out them dusty old checkbooks and send in your entries.


  1. fer sure:
    my wife ain’t gonna talk to you no more – she was droolin’
    now you’ve increased her odds.
    OTOH, mebbe you’re lucky when all’s said ‘n’ done

  2. Check’s in the mail. That’s the truth.

    Now, Kim, when I win, I want you to make sure that a lefty like me, (Not that kind of lefty), can actually get his hand on the thing without it feeling like you’ve picked up a pair of scissors with the wrong hand. First try of autocorrect made that a pair of sisters.

  3. I am going to beg off this round, only because of my current project–

    About a year ago, Brownells had these on sale (IIRC) for $325–


    I got a Hogue stock with the full length aluminum chassis to bolt on.

    Sad to hear that Nikon is getting out of the rifle scope business entirely. However, it provided the opportunity to get one of these scopes for stupid cheap as well–


    Am also using one of these cheek rests which I really like. The Cordura is very comfortable.


    Have since shot the rig for zero and it shows great promise. Working on the first batch of handloads now.

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