Like most Olde Pharttes, I don’t expect much for Christmas in the way of presents;  frankly, I’m quite happy if the kids can just tear themselves away from their jobs to spend the holiday with us — and this year, they did — so presents, per se, are just a bonus.

Nevertheless, I scored big this year (please excuse the pic quality):  a new 1911 holster (first in well over a decade) from El Paso Saddlery:

…and an interesting-looking knife made by Ed Mehler (note the Damascus Tanto blade): 

I think we can all agree that happiness can always be found in family, and in the shape of assorted weaponry.


  1. Back when I was in the deputy sheriff business my off duty rig for some years was a Kimber Officer’s Model 1911 in an El Paso holster, a double magazine pouch and a cuff case. My holster has a thumb break which shows that I’m old school when it comes to cocked and locked 1911s. I had a very nice basket weave ranger style belt in the same color. It was a very comfortable and practical set up and I got lots of compliments and not a few “where did you get that?” questions.

    I retired from the department last summer so I moved the cuffs from my belt to the car console but I still wear the 1911 in the El Paso holster. The holster has to be 15 years old but it still looks and works good. I wish I could say the same for me. El Paso products are reasonably priced and mine at least has given very good service over the years. Leather always looks, feels, and smells better than recycled plastic soda bottles.

    1. I don’t like retention straps in deep-seated 1911 holsters, although I understand why LEOs have to use them.

  2. Weapons and/or accessories are always good. But not the only thing. Guitars work too – I’ve never owned a Gretsch. I do now – a Jet Electromatic in a GORGEOUS Jade Gray metallic. I’d load a picture, but I don’t know how.

    Trust me – its beautiful. Think Les Paul with a 50’s vibe.

    Guitars are like guns: how many do you need? Just one more . . . .

  3. I see we share the same leatherworks.
    I use a Yaqui Slide for my Para Warthog, but EPS has made a few other rigs for me over the years.

    1. Normally I go with Don Hume holsters, but they’re kinda plain Jane… so the El Paso thing pleases me no end.

  4. I am not a fan of the Tanto style of blade, but that doesn’t matter.

    Ed Mehler does not seem to be the knife maker he says he is. You may wish to inquire, and I hope this doesn’t ruin your present and the celebration of the gift. But you may wish to check the provenance of that knife.

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