New Wrinkle

I remember listening many years ago to a discussion between Derek & Clive (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore respectively) about politics.  Margaret Thatcher was facing reelection, and Derek had a fairly novel suggestion:

“I think that Mrs. Thatcher should broaden her appeal to voters by giving us a brief — but tasteful — glimpse of her vag.”

Now it should be remembered that at the time, the BritPM was quite a babe (by politicians’ standards, anyway):

…and her wardrobe always managed to conceal a rather impressive bust, so Derek’s suggestion was not at all out of left field.

Now before I go any further, you may be thinking that I’m about to suggest that all  female politicians follow Derek’s suggestion, but of course, nothing could be further from the truth — as a simple illustration would show:

Clearly, this is not a vote-catching approach with universal application.

However:  if there is a reasonably-attractive female politician who, for various reasons cannot attract a significant number of voters for whatever reason, how could it hurt?

With that in mind, allow me to show you one such politician who, despite having some fairly decent policy positions (for a Democrat), is still trailing way back in the polls;  it’s the lady from Hawaii, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard:


Now granted, young Tulsi is of the Democrat persuasion, and their core constituency seems to be made up exclusively of rabid feminists and wizened lesbians (some overlap), Muslim sycophants if not actual Muslims (who would want the whore stoned if she revealed her pudenda), homosexual men (ergo immune to her charms) and political apparatchiks who, from all accounts, have no sex life outside the Party.  So maybe a quick vag-flash wouldn’t work with them.

Still, given that Rep. Gabbard has managed to garner maybe 1% support in the polls, my question remains:  how much could it hurt?

Or is the basement-dwelling neckbeard incel population too small to matter?

I think we should be told.

Ultimately, Margaret Thatcher didn’t take Derek’s advice but still managed a thumping victory in that election (largely because she organized a thorough thrashing of the Argies for invading the Falkland Islands — can’t go wrong, slaughtering Argies).

But Tulsi can’t even order a carrier battle group to launch attacks against a second-tier target such as, say, Honduras let alone a massive pounding of Iran — always a proven vote-getter (sadly among conservatives, not Democrats) — and in any event, she has gone on record as being against U.S. aggression in foreign lands, so all that’s a non-starter.

All the more reason, thinks I, for her to consider the Vag Option.

Next up:  Nikki Haley.


  1. She has ONE good policy position (enough with the stupid wars) which you can also get from Trump and she did perform a public service by gutting Harris. Other than that she is an extreme leftist moonbat. Somewhere there is a picture of her posing with the AntiFa boys. I will grant she is attractive in a middle-aged sort of way.

      1. When I was young the advice to women was to screw around with Democrats but marry Republicans. Probably good advice for young men nowadays, too. There’s no gamble on what the political affiliation of the 27 year old teacher’s aide in Florida is.

  2. The entirety of the new Finnish government would work too. Maybe a calendar for political junkies.
    Or they could do like half the Disney/Nickolodeon actresses and do porn

    1. Or one of those Charity Calendars with the women’s crew team or football/soccer team “naked”.

  3. Don’t think I will go for Maggie’s vag, but damn there are endless stories of her which would make me not the least hesitant to have a beer with her. Heard an SAS guy describe how when she became PM they had to expose her to rescue tactics if ever she was in danger. They went to the shoot house and sat her down. SAS boys burst into room, flash bangs, and live ammo from HKs take down targets on each side of her. Not a flinch from the Iron Lady. Later on when the SAS did a dynamic entry into the Iranian embassy and killed some BGs she met with the bunch and indeed had a pint with them !

  4. You know she’s anti-gun, right? I mean *explicitly*, not just “has a (D) after her name”.

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