News Roundup

…of all the stupid shit out there that isn’t worth a post of its own.

1) NRO advancing space technology, developing tactics to defend satellitesthat would be the first time that  National Review Online has done anything worth a damn.  [/snark]

2) Emma Thompson foresees us eating our petsto quote Truman Capote:  “Actors are stupid.”

3) Brennt Paris?quick, spot the picture where one of the protesters has borrowed a disguise from a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate.  (Spoiler follows)

4) Student jailed for saying what the rest of us thinkand yet, Muslims can say that Israel (and by definition, all Israelis) should be obliterated, without penalty.

5) Employers hate usbut they’ll take our money as customers, of course.

6) Charlize Theron can’t actsee #2 above.

7) Britain sees positive side of gun controlhere, here, here and especially hereand that’s just over the past 12 hours. (Hint:  one of those isn’t really a shootworthy thing, but it should be.)

8) Show yer bum for charity — oh, why not?

9) America’s love affair with guns is only getting strongertake that, Beto you has-been loser.

10) Headline of the yearwho would have thought that this was illegal in Britain?

Bonus points if you can identify the source of #3’s headline.


  1. Emma Thompson can eat my dog, after it dies of old age which will be in a year or two, I think she will be tough and stringy but maybe Emma knows how to make crusty, doggy pie or something. These folks keep being disappointed year after year when we don’t have terrible consequences with the ocean and too much heat or cold.

  2. So Emma Thompson thinks Bernie is going to be elected President in 2020 and we’re going to turn into Venezuela?

  3. Some of those links go to “The Daily Mail” which doesn’t like my ad blocker. For me, that’s an instant click of the “back” button.

    It’s not that I mind ads all that much, it’s the really annoying ones that get my goat. The pop-overs, the pop-unders, the auto-play vids… “Where is that annoying music coming from!”

    1. The way to minimize the ads (I know, I hate them too) is to narrow your browser window so that only the articles’ text is visible. Then X-out the annoying popup video on the page, and you’ll be good to go.
      Bastards have taken out all the fun of reading a newspaper.

      1. Disabling JavaScript puts the kibosh on many adblocker blockers. I have an extension that disables it by default and allows you to temporarily turn it back on on a site-by-site basis.

  4. Conflating the National Reconnaissance Office with “National Review-Online” is an insult to our satellite-minders.

      1. The same with the National Recovery Agency, formed by Mr. Big Government, Franklin Roosevelt.

  5. #3 coming from the German word for “burn”? Possibly, more specifically, a Rammstein song?

    1. Hitler. July 1944, two days after having ordered Army General von Choltitz to burn Paris to the ground. (He didn’t, to the everlasting gratitude of the world.)

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