No Surprises There

Like we couldn’t see this one coming:   we suck.

Results of the 2018 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) found American teens showed no actual improvement in reading, math, and science compared to the 2015 results.

Our ranking improved, though. Why?

The ranking of U.S. students improved only because the scores of students in other countries dropped.

So we’re getting dumber at a slower rate than the rest of the world’s kids?  How nice.  And guess what?

As Education Week reported, PISA reading results indicate American teens are able to comprehend the main idea and draw simple inferences in a medium length text, but comprehension and comparison skills when other texts and ideas are introduced – so-called critical thinking skills – are lacking.
Despite a decade of the Common Core State Standards, an Obama-era progressive education reform that was touted as one that would improve students’ critical thinking and eliminate the achievement gap between white and minority students, U.S. public schools appear to be failing in both areas.

So Common Core is failing… along with just about every other nostrum provided by the education establishment, most notably No Child Left Behind, which should now be renamed “Every  Child Left Behind”.  Here’s some more on the topic.

But all is not lost:  I see that SecEd Betsy DeVos has managed to shed 600 useless functionaries from the Education Department in just a couple of years.  Go, Betsy, go!  MOAR reductions!!!!


  1. > Despite a decade of the Common Core State Standards

    Despite? No, Because of…

    The whole system is designed to make young minds stupid. After all, you don’t want the cattle getting ideas into their heads.

  2. The obvious solution is to import even *more* low-IQ immigrants-of-color, because Diversity is Strength!

    1. Strength through diversity is what helped the Austro-Hungarian Army do so well throughout WW1 when fighting the Russians and Italians. The orders of the Army had to be translated into sixteen different languages.

  3. I blame two generations of touchy-feely women/NEA run public school systems pushing feel good, pass everybody to look good school systems. They dare not fail anybody for non-performance, because their graduation statistics won’t look good and that means less government funds. That’s the most offensive scam Big Gummint runs, IMHO. Tax us, skim 30% off the top of that to pay the drones who then oh-so-generously give back part of what we paid for, IF we kowtow to the bilge du jour they’re pushing.
    Most millennials I’ve met not only can’t do anything useful, it’s actually a wonder they can survive outside their parents’ nest.

    1. “‘Away from” their parents’ nests. “‘Outside’ their parents’ nests” implies that they have left them for good.

      1. I dunno. If they walk down the street to a neighbor’s place, they are both “outside of” and “away from” the nest.
        And given their obsession with their smart phone crutches, they’d be lucky not to be run over crossing the street.

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