Not In My Day

Good grief.  I admit to being not easily shocked by people’s vicissitudes nowadays, but even so, this one left me gaping:

A married history teacher slept with at least five pupils at one of South Africa’s most elite schools, an investigation has revealed.
Fiona Viotti, 30, who is the niece of former South African national rugby coach Nick Mallett, was found to have slept with the boys at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town between 2013 and 2019.
The school called in lawyers to investigate Viotti after an 18-year-old pupil claimed he had been involved in an ‘intense’ sexual relationship with her, saying she became controlling when he tried to end it.
Investigators hired by the school found that she had been bedding pupils for at least six years, targeting boys who were over the age of consent.
Ms Viotti is also known to have filmed explicit videos of herself which were circulated within the school and online, but investigators failed to determine who she initially sent the footage to.
The probe found that she breached school codes and the code of ethics laid down by the SA Council of Educators [ya thank?–K.] likely meaning she will never teach again.
However, she will not face any disciplinary action from the school since she has already resigned. [!!!!!]

Needless to say, hubby has ditched her, and she is “receiving psychiatric help”.  Stupid bitch.

What makes this case interesting is that she’s a total babe, which would make her irresistible to most men, let alone callow adolescents — and yet she’s a pervert withal.  (Oh, of course  she’s a pervert;  if this had been a 30-year-old male teacher shagging his teenybopper girl students, he’d now be in chains [2,000-word rant about double standards deleted].)  Oh, and I should point out that in South Africa, the age of consent is sixteen.

En passant, I should also point out that Bishops D.C. is indeed one of the top high schools in South Africa (almost on a par with my alma mater  St. John’s College).  But clearly they do a better — or worse, depending on your viewpoint —  job of teacher recruitment than we did.


  1. Crap, the boys were over 16 age of consent and they got to bang a hot teacher and maybe got extra credit, I call them kind of lucky and not victims. Unless she used electricity or whips or something those guys should have some fond memories and not PTSD. Now as for her breach of trust and contract with the school that’s something else and since she knew the risk she was taking then kick her ass out and ban her from teaching any more until she gets old, fat and ugly and then reconsider letting her teach once more. She really was stupid taking advantage of horny young students who probably had dicks hard enough to cut diamonds, or something.

  2. From the article:

    “Viotti will face no action from school after she quit, but could be sued by pupils “

    For what? I’m with Old Texan on this.

  3. I had a witty comment to make but I can’t stop laughing at the “…dicks hard enough to cut diamonds…” line.

  4. “The probe found that she breached school codes and the code of ethics … likely meaning she will never teach again.”
    “Ms Viotti is also known to have filmed explicit videos of herself …”

    I’m sure she could make a LOT more money doing porn rather than teaching.
    More fun, too. (for everyone)

  5. Either the Bishops School, or the boy’s parents are failing to produce gentlemen.
    “A gentlemen never tells, and a lady never asks”
    As my Father may have put it – she was only unfaithful once: with the school water-polo team.
    Perhaps the teacher is a nymphomaniac, and that may well be detrimental to maintaining discipline and order in the school, but then the poor lass needs help and understanding, tea and sympathy.
    I cannot recall any of the staff at my boarding school having such delightful attributes. Darn!

  6. a)
    Apparently, Mrs. Viotti has the sex drive of a male.
    I don’t see a problem with these events as described.
    The problem is the ‘double standard’ requiring superficial conduct to meet the artificial standards of fuss-budget old biddies and other know-what-is-best-for-everybody types.
    How is this different from any short-sighted marxist demands?
    Tyrants must tyrant.

    As I see it, Mrs. Viotti failed to discuss her needs with her spouse, or they discussed it but she failed to acquire his consent.
    Yes, that might show poor judgement IN THE CONTEXT OF NON-SUSTAINABLE SOCIETAL STANDARDS.
    But it points one direction == it condemns that society.

    There is a strong probability he enthusiastically consented, enjoyed the cuckold aspects, then pretended to be aghast after the fact to preserve his public image. [que sputtering red-faced clutching pearls scene]

    Researching the subject, I came across one portrait apparently of Mrs. Viotti during a coaching session at her water-polo class.

    She is surrounded by superbly-athletic athletes.
    I don’t see a problem with this situation.
    The problem is ridiculous requirements for half our species, then shaming an individual for failing those ridiculous requirements.
    The supposition is dubious, non-achievable, non-sustainable.
    And crazy-making.
    Tyrants must tyrant.

    As I examine that portrait and compare it to the reported number of engagements, I think Mrs. Viotti displayed remarkable restraint.

    More research shows appallingly flawed decisions on the part of the college students.
    Apparently, students used community-acceptable social media information == posted in good faith by Mrs. Viotti == to fabricate pornographic filth.

    On all counts, Mrs. Viotti was repeatedly victimized… by unachievable standards, then by the community she devoted her career to teaching, then by her spouse.
    Can you hear him thinking, fingers crossed, during their marriage vows:
    “I’ll keep you around until you don’t serve my needs…”

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