Educating Immigrants

From Gates Of Vienna comes a “tl;mr” (too long / must read”) post by a teacher at the sharp end — probably literally so — of the effort to get newly-arrived immigrant children to integrate into the host society.  As you can well imagine, it’s going to fail dismally:

I know I will be called a “damned whore”, “damned pussy”, and I know I will hear, “You don’t decide for me.” There will be mess and noise in the classroom, the hallways, the schoolyard and the dining room. Changing rooms where classes change for physical education classes will, as usual, be places where girls don’t dare change since boys will show up and sneakily photograph the girls.
Showering is not on the world map for girls and even for some boys in school. It is enough that one or two pupils refuse to follow the instruction and scream “shut up” at me every time I am going to say something; thus is the lesson destroyed for 28 other pupils who want to learn something.When I call parents in for a conversation, I hear that I don’t have the right to tell their children off, that I should be careful so that I won’t be reported to the principal or school inspectors. They know where my family and I live, what car I drive, and I know that the risk is great that my car will get scratched or destroyed in some other way. I know that certain pupils threaten other pupils, but I don’t dare get in the middle because I risk being beaten.

Read it, and don’t weep;  get angry.  Because this (and the mindset which enables it) either has come, or will soon be coming to a school near you.


    1. The comments should be unsympathetic. I have zero sympathy for the conditions these people have created for themselves. They’ve voted lock step for leftists for decades now. I told them 20 years ago to be careful what they wished for and I was shrugged off as a bigot. Screw ’em. I could leave the profession and so I did and I’ve been all the better for it ever since.

      I have little sympathy for teachers anymore. Their sadly pathetic bleatings are harshing my mellow.

  1. I propose that retired boxers be hired as teachers. The situation described is possible only because the schools are hiring people totally untrained for the situation.
    Perhaps retired Marine sergeants as teachers and boxers as teaching assistants.

  2. I have nine exchange students, two of them from Sweden, who each stayed with us for almost a year from 1987 to 1997, and I’ve been to visit them and their families and vice-versa over the ensuing years. They are still family and close to me. I’ve written them numerous times about the dangers they face from wholesale immigration from Africa, especially the muzzie Africans, and only once have I received a reply. That was a very on point note from my German boy, who said among other things “..the damned communists fuck up everything..” Sad to say, he and his parents seem to be the only ones who get it.
    The rest, all very intelligent, highly educated, successful people are sheep, who still think they can work things out, that the government will make it right, that Uncle Sam will bail them out. They’re in for a rude awakening and it makes me sad.
    I’m afraid we now have Sverigestan, Deutschistan, Nederlandistan, Francarabia, Belgaza, Lichtenmalia, Nord Africa….
    Alas, poor Europe, I knew it well, a place of infinite interest, of most excellent architecture: it hath borne me on back a thousand years, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it.

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