“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim:
“I understand that you used to play in a rock band, so perhaps you can help.  Our gig band is in need of a keyboards player, so we set up a whole bunch of auditions.  Astonishingly, every single applicant was female, and we’ve never had any women in the band before.  The problem is that all the applicants were excellent musicians, and none of us guys can decide which one we like best.  I’ve attached pics in the hope that this will guide you to help us decide.”

— The Undecided Quartet

Dear Quartet,
Women are problematic in a rock band, for all sorts of reasons.  If they’re single, they will inevitably get a boyfriend who gets jealous of the guys in the band and will try to get her to quit.  If she’s already married, chances are that her husband will eventually start to feel the same way, AND the odds are also good that she’ll get pregnant and quit the band to look after her brat, or some such stupid reason.
I’m not even going to get into the scenario where two or more of your bandmates are going to fall in love with her and get jealous of each other;  or if they’re married, will have an affair with her thus angering the wifey — all of which means that the band could break up over the bitch.  Do you really want to have to deal with all that?
Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s look at the pics…

— Dr. Kim


P.S.  Choose the one who can read music the best.  Or the one with the biggest tits.  Either is good.


  1. Mmmmm, back dimples, aka dimples of Venus, considered marks of beauty. They speak to men on a very deep level, like caveman deep.

  2. Either number one or number six, they actually touch the keyboard as if they had a lesson or two on the piano. The others with the high heels, which never would work, and the rest of their outfits, kind of lacking, look as if they would give the band a case of weapons grade cooties that no antibiotic could cure in time to keep them on the road. Just saying.

    1. > Either number one or number six, they actually touch the keyboard as if they had a lesson or two on the piano

      Yes. But I still enjoy the others.

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