Frying Pan, Meet Gas Ring

I will never forget reading some thread online where an Austinite was moaning about all the Californians moving to Austin for the tech jobs — and complaining that they were too conservative for Austin.

I hate to break it to y’all, but if you leave California because you’re surrounded by liberals and have lost your “political voice”, and then move to Austin TX (!!!), that isn’t moving at all.  You’ve just exchanged the world’s best climate for an oven, you’re still going to be surrounded by liberal assholes, and your political voice will be drowned out again, this time by liberal Texas twang.  As Mark Pulliam discovered.

So Pulliam is leaving Austin and Texas, and moving to Tennessee.  Given his poor decision-making history, he’s probably heading for Nashville.

Might as well just move to Greenwich Village and have done with it.


  1. I live on the brink of the volcano that is Austin, watching their liberal shenanigans from Pflugerville. I’m torn between staying here as some sort of counter-balance, or moving back to my small hometown, Brownwood. The differences are stark, but advantages and disadvantages fall on both locations.

  2. My grown son lives in Austin, so I have to go there every so often. Every time I do I can’t escape the feeling I’m in enemy territory. Shit is really weird there.

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