Say No More

Now this is what I call Good News:

“High cholesterol, particularly LDL cholesterol, has been demonized for allegedly bringing on heart attack deaths. But an intriguing analysis of data published at seems to show that total mortality risk is reduced by high cholesterol levels, even LDL cholesterol.”
The point’s P.D. Mangan makes is that even if lower cholesterol is associated with reduced heart-disease incidence, this is more than offset by an increase in low-cholesterol-associated health risks.
As Mangan puts it, from “a public health standpoint, it seems a mistake to focus on changing something that lowers the risk of death from one cause only to raise that risk from another.”

Now as we all know, next week will see the publication of yet another  study which completely contradicts this wonderful news.

In the meantime (via C.W., thankee):

In Texas, that combination of the four major meat groups (ribs, pulled pork, sausage and brisket) is known as the “Four Riders Of The Apocalypse”.

Actually, that’s not true.  In Texas, that’s either regarded as a well-balanced meal, or else as “Git outta mah way, Elmer!”

See y’all later.


  1. That picture raises an interesting point I have often pondered over many a butcher paper full of BBQ.
    Who actually eats those square white sponges that are a feature of every BBQ place down here?
    I’ve seen people sop up spilled sauce and wipe their fingers on them, but I believe that only the rarest of true Texans actually treat them, you know, as food. Probably more BBQ sacrilege to say so.

  2. I’ve seen a few uncouth individuals make a sammy with them. I suppose it’s better than using a knife and fork, but still.

    But there are two problems with that picture. First, what in the name of the Great Googly Moogly is that little green thing at the top of the picture. Kill it with fire. And second, there’s no pulled pork in there, just burnt ends. Now normally for me, that’s a good thing. A good barbecue platter for me is moist brisket, burnt ends, lean brisket (in far smaller portions), and sausage. But Kim *did* specify pulled pork.

    1. That green thing up there is some dill pickle chips, used as a palate cleanser between each type of meat. Or something to put on the sandwich you’re making with the white bread.

  3. As to the name of the dish at the end of the post – call it whatever you want.

    Just call me for lunch.

  4. People are prescribed statins to lower the cholesterol numbers. Have a look at the side effects of statins on your liver. The liver gets a workout on weekends anyway, why make it worse? I think the benefits of taking statins are overstated.

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