1. Exactly, have no issue with this and obviously she would have no issue with someone watching.

  1. Archibald, a newly-minted apprentice ‘cart-wrangler’, attempts the ‘reversal manoeuvre’ during the final stages of the closely-observed competition.
    Judges award the point based on the potential ‘suffocation’ factor.

  2. In this touching mock-up of a Rube Goldberg contraption from the ‘ItTakesMoreThanAVillage’ competition, akimbo-queen Tiffany Meghan Abramowitch uses an ‘appendage’ to propel young Archibald… and thence, the cart.
    Alert judges award the point based on the ‘squishy’ factor.

  3. Squints at bottles on shelf.
    Thinks – which bottle is best to go through me and deliver a knock-out nightcap to this turner*?
    Southern Comfort? Absinthe? Bacardi? What the heck – I will shoplift the Tequila with the worm in it.
    Turner* – usually applied to a dog but can be of general application. Turns good food into faeces.

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