5 Worst Things To Do For 20 Hours

Yes, it’s back!  For a one-time reappearance only!*

In ascending order of horrible:

  • read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History Of The United States
  • walk along all the streets of downtown San Francisco
  • listen to Hillary Clinton explain (yet again) why she lost the 2016 election
  • be the lone man in an orgy with the female members of the Congressional Black Caucus
  • fly nonstop from NYFC to Australia… on Spirit Airlines or RyanAir.

Your contributions in Comments…


*unless you guys want more…


  1. “listen to Hillary Clinton explain (yet again) why she lost the 2016 election”

    She has a different reason every time, so at least you’ll get a new version of the story.

    1. I was going to say the attractive thing about that choice was that she could go for five hours without repeating herself.

      (And that’s as close as I ever want to come to putting “attractive” and “Hillary” in the same thought.)

  2. In no particular order…..

    Listen to Obama’s speeches on my iPod (or the Queen’s, whichever is handier).
    Watch any committee hearing chaired by Nadler, Grassley, Schumer, Schiff, etc. on C-SPAN.
    Be trapped in an orgy with the MALE members of the CBC.

    And yes, we want more!

  3. re:

    For me and mine, that’d be CRINGE-watch TheView.


    My final table at a California gun show was around 2004 or so at CalExpo state fairgrounds.
    Participants and vendors were down from several thousands to twelve tables.
    My table was the only table with firearms.
    The other eleven tables offered jerky, macrame pot-holders, and comic-books.

    Natch, my table attracted all Law Enforcement Officials in seventeen counties.
    I had them stacked four-deep for all the hours the show was open.
    Paying customers couldn’t wiggle through to see my offerings.
    And nobody was having any fun.


    My friends have acreage near Eugene Oregon.
    Bare ground, they would like to build warehouses.
    For thirteen years, they jumped through every hoop the bumblebrats erected.
    They dutifully paid each ‘fee’ (“IT’S NOT A TAX!” we were scolded).
    Each time all the paperwork was complete, each time all the signatures were signed, each time everybody was ready to proceed with breaking ground, we heard the bad news:
    “No. That bumblebrat retired/transferred/is away from her desk, so you need to start over.”

    The latest:
    By the stroke of a freshly-sharpened pencil, sixty-percent of the acreage is endangered fragile wet land(s), so we need to pay a ‘fee’ (“IT’S NOT A TAX!”) of eighty-thousand an acre to change it back to the designation of a few months ago.

    The latest latest:
    The bumblebrats require the extension of 17th Avenue before construction can start on the warehouses.
    But the extension of 17th Avenue would cut the adjoining property in half… reducing its value to less than zero.
    And we still have to pay eighty-thousand an acre in ‘fees’ (“IT’S NOT A TAX!”) to ‘mitigate’ the loss of strategic endangered wet land(s) on our property for the road to be built across the newly-created wet land(s).

    I have an opinion about bumblebrats.

    The latest latest latest:
    The bumblebrats changed the zoning. Again.
    This’s the third zoning change in thirteen years.

    Oh, yes, indeedy.
    I have an opinion about bumblebrats.

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