Wish I’d Done That

Found via Insty (thankee, Squire), is this incredible piece of investigative journalism done by someone who, I suspect, isn’t a journalist:

Horrifying: Media and Climate Hoaxers (But I Repeat Myself) Report That Literally Everywhere on Earth is Warming at Twice the Rate of the Rest of the Earth

You’d think an actual journalist (I know, more rare than a virgin at a Clinton cocktail party) would have noticed this, but as the headline suggests, most of the journo persuasion are riding the Doom Wagon (no relation) for all it’s worth.

Anyway, follow the link and read it all the way to the end, where Ace makes this conclusion:

One begins to suspect that climate “scientists” have made up a scheme of dozens of “adjustments” they have granted themselves to make to the actual data, enabling them to tweak any temperature down and any other temperature up.

As we say here in Texas:  ya thank?

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  1. “Climate Change” is 21st Century religious hysteria, and St. Greta Thunderberg is Joan of Arc. As ever, follow the money–who’s paying for her adventure? There are people who stand to make billions, just as Solyndra did with their buddy Obama. As for climate change deniers, shall we send them to the camps, or just take ’em out and shoot ’em? This is what things have come to. See ya in the funny papers.

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