1. Signature gay watches, thongs, and WPC (We Proud Cuz). Hey, don’t touch my shark attack wound!

  2. A President Pete Buttigieg cabinet meeting.


    The Episcopal Church selecting a new bishop.

  3. Just before BallFest 2019 kicked into full swing, some of the ‘down-range girls’ of TeamChamber lubed lidocaine into their ‘target areas’ to ease the sting of up-range and on-target participants.

    Building on the successes of BallFest 2018, several of the cis-identified ‘targets’ chose to forsake the traditional ‘opening’ ceremony in favor of a solidarity line. Aghast, the judges quickly awarded the point to TeamMuzzle.

    Not to be outdone, TeamBarrel produced a notable showing, scoring several tough last-minute insertions after dry attempts left them ‘unhappy’ in the earlier quarters.

    Fortuitously, the TeamChamber ladies were ‘accepting’ of all the shooters, and the climatic shots were very well-placed!

    Can we look forward to seeing you at BallFest 2020?
    Which team would you be on!

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