New Development

Actually, it isn’t.  I was just teasing.

September 2019 saw 10 percent more gun sales than September 2018, according to two analyses of background check data released this week.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the gun industry’s trade group, estimated there were over one million gun-sale background checks last month, a 10 percent increase over September 2018.

Remind me again when the Commie candidates started blabbing about confiscating our guns?  September 2019, was it?

Keep talking, assholes, and we’ll keep buying.  We’re already the most heavily-armed civilian population on Earth — and if this trend continues, we’re soon going to be more heavily armed than all other nations on Earth, combined.

Remember this?
That was my ambitious goal.  I just never thought it was going to be Democrats  who actually did it.



    1. I bought two. One is still in the plastic bag.
      I wore it the first day to the CMP Western Games in 2006, the last time they held them at Wilcox Range in Camp Pendleton. I got a lot of praise and kudos for it.
      It may be the Dems initiating the sales, but it’s up to us to give the training.

  1. Actually, I no longer have that tee-shirt, as I wore it plumb down to bare threads.

    It’s far past time for a re-issue of those, I think? And I’d gladly pay a premium price for a truly premium product. This time, might you click on the highest-grade cotton tee option available, for longevity’s sake?

    Your “buy a gun fund” might just turn plural here, as I’d imagine they’ll sell like hotcakes, again. Guar-an-damn-tee-ya, you post the “Buy Now” option, and you’d get an Instalanche on the offer.



    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  2. Just saw an article indicating that Dick’s Sporting Goods had their revenue drop by $250 million due to their gun control policies. The CEO of this tightly held company was unapologetic. Buried in the article was the statement that gun sales were down. They’re way up now due to the Democrat Presidential candidates statements. As Indy sez “All they have to do is not do anything stupid, and they can’t even do that.”

    1. What was it Mark Twain said about funerals of some people? He sends word that he can’t attend but he approves? I bought some cast iron pie irons from them because they were on the way home from work, but that was before they revealed the true breadth and depth of their stupidity and anti american values.

      1. Darrow, not Twain:

        I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.


        “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

  3. “A Nation of Riflemen” – top to bottom:
    My only slide actions are from Mossberg (well, there is that NORINCO ’97 Trench Broom);
    Check – 1873 Cimarron Long Range;
    Check – a professionally done “Sporterization” of an ’03 with proper Monte Carlo comb w/cheek-rest stock and scope;
    Check – Various M1a’s/Garands/Carbines;
    Check – An “SP1”, plus contemporary equivalents.

    I’m Good!

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