1. I think someone once let that politician fondle a M2HB, and ever since then she’s thought that any scary looking gun must be the same as the one she held.

  2. Well we all know and have known this for years that if you shoot an AR, 15 or 16 and hit a person in the little finger their arm will blow up and fall off and if you shoot a person the pinky toe the leg will blow up and the leg and both nuts, if a man, will explode. These rifle are too dangerous in almost all situations and should only be used on rogue elephants and killer whales after they have killed innocent children and/or albino virgins.

  3. Yes, even a girl can carry one. As you have demonstrated many times in the past, Israeli Defense Force women carry them everywhere, and as casually as that dippy Democrat (But I repeat myself) carries her purse.

  4. I qualified with a M-14 in boot camp, but when I went to Infantry Training they gave me a M-16 that jammed all the time. They totally skipped the AR-15. I still feel left out, and that was nearly 50 years ago. They should have ditched those M-60 machine guns and grenade and rocket launchers and just issued the AR-15.

    Maybe it was outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

  5. I crossed the line a few years ago–I now own more ARs than AKs. I guess I should be ashamed, but I’m not.

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