I Warned You

When I said that these assholes were going to start imposing their stupid religion on the rest of us, and we should just start shooting them dead in the streets and firebombing their restaurants, everyone said, “Oh noes, Kim… that would be Krool & Hartless!

I speak here not of Muslims, but of vegans:

The group is called Animal Rebellion and its quest to force Britons into compulsory veganism is about to become very high profile. Over the coming days, the organisation is expected to bring thousands of supporters onto the streets, potentially causing serious disruption to the country’s food supplies.
One speaker says: ‘It doesn’t matter if you are the nice one who didn’t want to get arrested, or you’re the one at the front who did. Everyone who goes down there [to London] has to be aware of that, and make sure it’s not going to be stopped by a few people getting pulled away [by the police].’

As the alien cockroach said to Vincent D’Onofrio in Men In Black, “Challenge accepted.”

Or, for those of us who are more old-fashioned in these matters and want to prevent Sherman engine emissions because #SaveThePlanet:

Your suggestions in Comments — and I would suggest that as these little totalitarian bastards get all upset at the sight of blood, the more bloodthirsty your solutions, the better the irony.  Have at it.


  1. Round em up and force them into jobs where they have to clean up after animals for at least 40 hours a week, for at least 6 months at minimum wage, and they will eat meat at every meal. Or starve. Nothing like a healthy dose of reality for those committed to a fantasy lifestyle.

  2. You really think that bunch of redcoats could manage a mob of vegans? Might be a close thing… 😉

  3. I think someone’s pulling your chain, it’s Extinction Rebellion and they want us all to live in huts (admittedly on non-sensitive grass)

    1. Are you suggesting, Sir, that the Daily Mail got something WRONG in their reporting?
      I may have to ask you to step outside…

  4. Great minds think alike. Your suggestion to get bloody early in the action seems to be the accepted sensible thing to do. The late Colonel Cooper wrote that it was always a mistake to use non-lethal force on violent demonstrators, or to fire harmlessly over their heads.

  5. There’s nothing quite like the Napoleonic solution. Grapeshot. Or canister, these days. Fire one salvo, wait for the panic…then fire a second salvo to make the point good and hard.

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