So Much For That Freedom

I know that this travesty happened in Britishland and not Over Here, but I can foresee such a thing happening should the Socialists ever get their hands on the levers of power:

Anti-Semitic blogger who sang songs on YouTube comparing the Holocaust to a ‘theme park’ is JAILED after publishing 50 new posts in breach of a ban on social media use

Given the subject matter of this foul woman’s blog, I’m just surprised that she wasn’t offered a senior position in Britain’s Labour Party.

Now Longtime Readers will know full well that I have no time — none — for anti-Semites:  I think they’re nasty little fuckers, without exception.  But as with all things pertaining to freedom, I look at the bigger picture, see the intolerance being shown towards viewpoints that do not adhere to the modern ideals of political correctness —  such as, for example, every other post on my  blog —  and the only difference Over Here is that while the politically-incorrect can be “de-platformed” by host providers such as FaecesBook, WeirdPress or YooChube, that’s a whoooole ‘nother animal from being chucked in jail  for the same “offences”.

And yet I wonder:  if the Loony Left [redundancy alert] are ever given complete control over our society, can anyone persuade me that it could never  become a crime, for example, to be a “climate change denier”, “sexual harasser” or a “Nazi” (by their definition of the terms)?

Given that these tits want to abolish the Second Amendment altogether, adding a few asterisks to the First would be a simple task.

Delenda est Sinistrae  (if I may be so “intolerant”).


    1. That only leads to a nasty knife fight and death by a thousand cuts. We can’t say this, they can’t say that, etc. Much better just to shoot them all. Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

    1. The same directive (I refuse to call it a law) states that “…the threat of a call to Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a tool of hate.” is also Verboten.

      Well, that’s simple enough. Don’t threaten, just make the call and not tell anyone about it.

      1. Simpler still; Shout, “La Migra!” as you leave the restaurant.

        Or would some SCOTUS Justice consider that too similar to falsely shouting, “Fire” in a crowded theater?

  1. Please Kim, calling these warts upon humanity “tits” does a great disservice to a much admired – and lusted after – aspect of the female anatomy.

  2. This hit hard for reasons of family history – my grandparents tried to evacuate two Jewish ladies. But I’m in favour of free speech even for Nazis. I want like her out in the open so we can know who they are rather than let them fester in secret.

  3. These “tits” (I only use the word as it was in Kim’s original post) are the very reason the 2nd Amendment exists.

  4. 1933-45, I wasn’t there.
    Any information I receive is second-hand, and probably influenced by opinions and judgements and prejudices and translators.

    However, an examination of the numbers show The Holocaust™ claims are exceedingly unlikely.
    For example, the 1932 Encyclopedia Britannica shows the European census counted 132,000 persons of the jewish religion in all of Europe.
    1947, about 457,000+/- individuals ‘settled’ in Palestine.
    The other 6,000,000© perished in The Holocaust™?

    Looking at the amount of fuel required to carbonize == to dust == several million tons of cadavers means the predecessors to the FEMA camps operated at several thousand times capacity around the clock 1933 through 1945.

    In your hometown, you probably have a mortuary offering cremation.
    Ask them about the fuel and time required to carbonize == to dust == one cadaver.

    Now, to that 6,000,000®, add the alleged numbers of homosexual men and Roma gypsies.

    Why did the German people annex Poland?
    Oil for their military.
    Why did the German people establish outposts in north Afrika?
    Oil for their military.
    The German people had very little fuel for their homes; cremating that mass seems beyond their capabilities.
    Again, I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

    Repetitions of the allegations of a few individuals do not automatically create truth in those allegations.

    During the 1970s, I lived and worked among many semite cultures. Libya. Yemen. Palestine. (And Jordan and Iran.)
    To a soul, I was welcomed by these semites, I cherish these memories.
    Why do ashkenazi masquerade as semite?

    Open discussion.
    I’ll take my answer on the air…

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