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From Stephen Green at PJM:

My AR-15 weighs about 7.5 pounds unloaded, and a bit more with a 10- or 30-round magazine filled with common .223 rounds. Or rather I should say it did, before I lost it and my banned 30-round magazines in a tragic fishing accident shortly before Colorado’s 30-round magazine ban went into effect.

Seems that people need to exercise more caution with their guns when going fishing, O My Readers, because Stephen’s isn’t the first time I’ve come across this sad story.  In fact, my own beloved Hungarian-made AMD 65 (with the doubleplusungood folding stock) met a similar fate on the Brazos (or maybe it was the Trinity) River some time ago — I’m a forgetful old man, and I don’t remember exactly when it happened;  a week ago?  last year?  sometime during the spring, and if so, which  spring?  When you get to my advanced age, the days, weeks, months and years tend to all blur together into one messy soup of half-remembered events… hell, maybe it wasn’t even an AMD-65 at all, but a Romanian SAR-1, something like this one:

Terrible thing, this forgetfulness.

Feel free to share your own tragic tales, in Comments.  If you can remember them.


  1. Sold all my guns and related stuff to a guy just getting into the prepper idea a couple years ago for cash which I blew on losing lottery tickets. I’m an old dood now that just sits on the porch and complains and scratches so I have no need for that sort of thing any more. Now git off my lawn afore I hit the switch that activates that roof turret!

  2. Nearly every county sheriff in Colorado has refused to enforce the “hi cap” mag law. I can throw a rock a time or two and hit an LGS that sells the mags. One big downside to the law: online vendors refuse to sell them to CO residents, so we can’t take advantage of any good deals.

  3. I’m not even sure how I got that many guns in the canoe. Or why. I’m surprised it even floated long enough to make it to the deepest part of that muddy river. No surprise that it tipped over. The only thing I saved was the canoe. Again.
    That’s the embarrassing part. Again. That was my second boating accident, same canoe, same river, also loaded down with all my firearms. You’d think I would have learned from the 1st time, but I’m stupid that way.
    I’m planning a third trip after my next purchase, BTW.

  4. Chronic, uncontrollable rusting has reduced my collection to almost nothing. Termites ate the wood stocks. I did the right thing, though and put the synthetic stocks and aluminum parts in the recycling bin.

    Considering my remaining options: is granite or basalt better for concealed carry??

  5. “I lost my guns when my boat sank. In the middle of the lake. Lake Superior. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket.”

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