Still No Need To Panic

OMG the Second Amendment is in danger!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to Rasmussen, 24 percent of survey respondents “favor repealing the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment which guarantees the right of most citizens to own a gun.”

In other words, about one in four of the respondents don’t want the Second anymore.  Why is this statistic a load of fear-mongering bullshit?

  1. We don’t know the composition of the survey sample — who was surveyed, where they lived, age groups, and so on.  So we don’t actually know how representative that sample of people is of the population as a whole.
  2. Popular sentiment means diddly-squat when it comes to amending the Constitution (for all those who were too busy wanking or sleeping during Civics lessons, or who never saw Schoolhouse Rock).  51% of the people might want to ditch the Second, but that’s still irrelevant.

Wake me up when the percentage of support for eliminating the Second grows to a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate — like that’s ever going to happen — or even if it does, let’s see if 38 of the 50 state legislatures agree to ratify the amendment.

Note to the Left:  there’s no magic wand and pixie-dust here;  if you want to make guns disappear, you’ll have to do it through the normal legal process, or (as Beta-Boy suggests), by forcible (and illegal) confiscation of all guns in private hands.  Good luck with that, too.  You may get just a little pushback, as the modern idiom goes:


  1. I think 24% of the survey respondents should have the tiny portion of their brain that remains fed to the piranhas, feet first.

    At what point did it become preferable for people to be publicly stupid?

  2. Doesn’t take all that. Just a majority vote of the Supreme Court and poof. It would already have happened if Hillary had won. And when the Democrats get back in power, they will pack the court. The only way to be safe is to get all the leftists in the Clinton Archipelago off in a country of their own.

    As to the pushback we will have to wait and hopefully never see. And wtf does the girl have. A Sten? Whatever it is the rounds in the bandoleer don’t match the weapon.

    1. Richard, I think you just defined the term “gun geek”.

      That, by the way, is not an insult (not on this blog, anyway).

    2. Movies use cartridges as decorations. “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” has cartridges on a gun belt to feed a percussion revolver. It must be a wide spread inaccuracy, kind of like “this thing that goes up”.

  3. I am surprised it is only 24% of the small brain progressos that want to do away with the 2nd amendment, of course half of them are sure that the 2nd, Right to Bear Arms is a contributing cause of Global Crisis-Warming and shooting guns destroys the ozone layer and kills polar bears where they stand, on the ice floes.

    We had best never turn our backs or take our eyes off the good intention, make the world bright, right and equal people because they would love to repeal the 2nd amendment and a few others while they are at it.

  4. If ….
    Lovely film. I have it queued up in the Roku right now, actually. Probably should watch it today.

    1. Other than the final (dream) sequence as pictured, that movie is as good a depiction of a boys’ boarding school as I’ve ever seen. Hardly a single exaggeration in the whole thing.
      Of course, Lindsay Anderson wanted to make it appear horrible. Me, I just felt nostalgic.

  5. The photo is a reminder that even if the 2nd is repealed/negated, there’s still the “Voting from the rooftops” option.

  6. Nice BREN and STEN combo there. Perhaps the cartridges in the young lay’s belt are reloads for his BREN? A clue regarding the name of the film would be appreciated for those of us who aren’t filmies, heh, heh

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