Gratuitous Gun Pic — Smith & Wesson 627 Performance Center (.357 Mag/.38 Spec)

Okay, we need to get some rules straight around this here back porch of mine.  The proper order of things is that I post pics of beautiful guns and engender uncontrollable gun lust amongst you, O my Readers.  You are not repeat NOT supposed to send ME emails of your guns which cause me distress, because as any fule kno, I am completely at the mercy of beautiful guns and have been known to auction off children to be able to buy said visions.  (Not my  children, of course;  children I find wandering in the streets.)

An example of this kind of untoward behavior (the gun-bragging, not the kidnapping) is shown by Reader PC from the Great State of Texas, who writes thusly:

“I carry an S&W 627 Performance Center revolver (.357 eight-shot, N frame). Lobo Gunleather makes an inside waistband holster that, when coupled with Perry Suspenders and no-tuck shirts, carries as easily as a small Glock.”

Here’s a pic:


I do declare that this is quite easily the most beautiful stainless revolver S&W has made in ages, if not forever.  And eight rounds in the cylinder?

“Hand me mah smelling salts, Prissy.”

S&W also makes a 2″ snubby version (which I think is the type Reader PC carries, from his description);  but for me, the 5″ barrel as pictured is the business.

Were it not for the fact that the Performance Center models retail for well north of a grand ($1,200 at our local Academy aaaargh), I’d already have bought one by the time you read this.

As it is… oh, mommy.  I am so weak.

I hope I’ve made myself quite clear about this bad behavior from Readers.


  1. Indeed, that is an alluring hawgleg, borderline mesmerizing just to stare at it, just the way it is.
    And 8 rounds?
    Oh em gee.
    Yes, get up off them smellin saltz pleeze.

    But that $1200 instantly brought me right back to reality where I belong.

  2. Oh Kim you silly boy, if we readers wished to flummox you thoroughly we would band together and inundate you with gun photosl Gun photos such as Winchester model 12 shotguns, Wilson custom 1911s, Kimber of Oregon .22 rifles, Immaculate black powder frame SA Colt revolvers in .44-40 (.44 WCF), 6″ S&W 686, S&W 1917 .45, Mannlicher rifle in 6.5, cased pairs of Purdys, Remington Rolling blocks in .38/55 with Unertl scopes, etc etc.
    Be happy that we choose not to torment you and allow you to exist in almost peace.

  3. The full-bodied heft of the N-frame and 8 rounds makes for a shooting pleasure.

    38 Special is my favorite range round.

    I also carry a lightweight 38 snubbie in each of my front pockets without a holster.

    The 10-12 lb. trigger pull gives me a fair amount of comfort that I won’t squeeze one off and hit Muhammad while he is resting peacefully underneath my trousers.

    I usually carry a fair amount of cash (in case I see something I want to buy), but, to get to it, a perp has to get past what’s on top of the $ in my left pocket, what lies unencumbered in my right pocket and what’s between my ears.

    I love this beauty.

    It would fit nicely in my hands and in my safe.

  4. “… emails of your guns which cause me distress,…”

    I did send you a photo, but it was just my latest AR build. Hopefully that was within the bounds of decorum.

  5. Yes it is lovely…but…but…that dang internal lock ! Wish the performance center could produce speciaal order ones without it. If I recall the contract for the lock was for 20 years. We are coming up to the end of it. Wondering if Smith will reevaluate when it ends ?

  6. As an owner of said revolver I can attest to their quality and shootability. When I show up for our monthly Steel Challenge it gets its fair share of ooohs and aaahs, kind of like the 10 shot 617 I sent you a pic of not too long ago. I do wonder, though, why you and others worry about their MSR, around these parts that and other S&W start at $200 to $300 below that figure and that’s if you buy it new. I don’t know how you feel about it’s cousin the 327 TRR8, an ugly duckling for sure, but mine has a markedly better trigger and that’s sayin’ sumptin’ when you compare it to the smooth silk of it’s more attractive sister. It also hits a bit harder with an extra inch of barrel….yeah, size matters.

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