Parallel Situations

From Insty I see this, about the situation in Hong Kong:

Pro-Beijing agitators are attacking random passers-by and fomenting brawls and riots in the shopping malls where pro-democracy demonstrators gather to sing. The… police are cooperating with the pro-Beijing agitators, arresting pro-democracy demonstrators, but leaving the pro-Beijing agitators alone.

Now where have I seen this kind of thing before?  Oh, I know.

Just substitute “Antifa” for “pro-Beijing agitators” and “Trump supporters” for “pro-democracy demonstrators”, and you have… Portland.


  1. IMHO its only a matter of time until antifa picks the wrong person to assault. 4 or 5 of them assaulting someone might just wind up unhappy for them.
    However they seem to always assault where guns are forbidden. Funny how that works.

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