Die Young, Stupid Peasants!

It appears that a Democratic Socialist presidential candidate wants us all to die young, and stupid:

Andrew Yang agrees that the world should stop eating meat immediately.
“The U.N. just released a study that said we’re going to be OK if the vast majority of the world goes vegetarian immediately,” the entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said. “So, it’s good for the environment, it’s good for your health if you eat less meat. Certainly, meat is an extraordinarily expensive thing to produce from an environmental sustainability point of view. So, I think it would be healthy on both an individual and societal level for us to move in that direction.”

Oh, well if the United Nations  says that, then it’s all tickety-boo, and so of course  we have to follow their dicta slavishly.

Then we have the Vegetarian Deniers’ input, here:

Vegetarians have a 20% higher risk of suffering a stroke than meat eaters ‘because they miss out on key vitamins’

And we’re also going to become more stupid, before we die young:

Plant-based diets `risk insufficient intake of brain-critical nutrient´, says nutritionist.

Hell, with vegans, we don’t even have to wait until the next generation for Teh Stupid to manifest itself.  [loud laughter warning]

But to return to the point at hand:  I hadn’t heard about this Yang creature before, other than that he’s about as loony as all the others in the Socialist Clown Car — and judging from his polling numbers, just about everyone else thinks the same way I do.

What I want to know is:  how many of the other  Socialist assholes support his thesis?  Now there’s a question for the next debate.  Just don’t hold your breath waiting for it to be asked.


  1. anyone who truly believes that meat is bad for you is already too stupid to be believed on anything.

    fuck ‘em.

  2. But, but, but, what about the huge increase in methane production by vegans? Methane is FAR FAR more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2! The vegans alone will add to global warming enormously, we’re all gonna die. Our once great country will wither and collapse under a miasma of vegan farts.

    1. So we get rid of the people next. Mandatory sterilisation for “undesirables”, meaning anyone with a poor social credit score.
      And of course mandatory sterilisation for everyone who’s already had their government licensed number of children, which is again determined by your social credit score, with post-natal abortion of your children up to age 18 in case your social credit score drops to below the level at which you’re allowed to have them.

  3. What stood out for me is “the vast majority of the world”.

    The “elites” will still be chowing down on some prime beef.

    1. Of course! How do you expect them to be taller than the hoi polloi? During the pre-revolutionary times here in the states, it was noted that the colonists were almost a head taller than the native born English Scots and Irish due to the greater proportion of meat in their diet. The Irish made up for a little of this with the “Irish Diet ( potatoes and dairy). but there was enough of a difference to notice.

  4. “What stood out for me is “the vast majority of the world”.”

    Standard socialist elitist racism: To hell with those black/brown/yellow skinned people in countries just starting to move up the civilization scale. I got mine, and I deserve it because I work so hard telling everyone else how they should live.

  5. The CNN ‘climate change’ town hall was such a dumpster fire of fail, if I was a DNC staffer I’d be doing vodka shots right now.

    Seriously, the ‘solutions’ boiled down to (a) confiscate all internal combustion cars and forcibly switch to electric vehicles, (b) stop eating meat, (c) only wind and solar energy, and (d) abort all those burgeoning kids in third world countries.

    Trump must be laughing his head off, and I wouldn’t blame him. They’re practically handing him 2020 on a silver platter!

  6. Ran into Euell Gibbons (famous for his Grape Nuts commercials) in an elevator many years ago. We both got out on the same floor and continued chatting. Asked him if he was really a vegetarian ( a kind of slur like vegan is today). He told me that he definitely ate meat as well as the nuts and berries of which he claimed he ate lots. As an after thought he added, “I did have a log-eating contest with Linda Lovelace once a few years back and lost.”

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