1. Just no. He would pledge America’s blood and treasure to our worthless “allies”. He quit because Trump wasn’t interested in doing this. Plus, I am not clear which side he is on re our domestic enemies.

    1. As a Marine I would absolutely want to serve under him when the balloon goes up, but I wouldn’t want him as President for the reasons you mention.

  2. Probably something a landslide majority could support.
    For all that Trump’s polices are mostly right, he projects a moronic and intolerant personality that debases the office of president and hands ammunition to his moronic and intolerant opposition.

    1. “debases the office of president”

      After Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Clinton and Obama what bases are left to be de’d

  3. Over the years I have lost alot of respect for the generals. They may or may not excell at doing “generalering”, but few of them understand the “civilian”…sometimes called the American CITIZEN world. Take MacCrystal who by all accounts was a good and brave SF general. He comes homes and says he doesn’t believe in the 2A. Take all them assault weapons away. Too many guns. Well I have two words for him. And it aint polite.

    On the weekend Mattis was on CBS. Well worth finding and watching. 4 hosts asking him the following…..”well Trump is a dick, right ? ….Trump is the worst President ever, right ?…how F’d up is Trump, right ? “. I do have to say Mattis held his ground and refused to criticize POTUS. For that he gets my respect. But as President, I think I’ll pass.

  4. Nope.

    Other than when the troops draw arms from the armory, any given military base is a “Gun Free Zone”. As a former USAF cop, I know this all too well.

    Get around *any* Senior Officer, and let ’em tell you what they think of allowing those under their command to bear arms when not deployed, and you’ll get an earful. One you won’t like.

    Remember, even in Lebanon under Reagan, those guards at the checkpoints did NOT have loaded magazines inserted into their M-16s, and thus were unable to bring *timely* force to bear to stop the suicide driver in the truck. And we all know what happened next.

    I remember being a kid and visiting the Old Man on the Sub Base at Ballast Point, San Diego.

    Those USN “guards” at the top of the brow were indeed, wearing flap-holstered 1911s. Conspicuous to me then, even as a pre-teen, was the empty mag-well on display.

    This was at the height of the Cold War, with those sailors being the last line of defense at the hatch of a Nuclear Submarine.

    In the matter of “guns”, The Military pretty much sees all enlisted and officers under the rank of O-5 to be “children”, in need of supervision, babysitting and disarmament.

    Unless you’re an “elite” (special forces), then the rules don’t apply. Rules for thee, not for me.

    And that’s why all Dem politicians don’t mind their heavily armed bodyguards. They’re the “we”, and we’re the “thee”.

    This is a constant that will never change with “our betters”.

    I, for one, plan to avoid voting for “our betters” at every possible opportunity.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    1. When I was in college, I had a part time job at the bookstore. There was a campus policeman who stood by the entrance. We had some interesting conversations. One of the memorable things was his belief that campus police, and anyone who wore a security uniform needed to carry a gun. Police Academy was not necessary; hi said it just made you mean. I would add to this that if you are carrying a gun it needs to be loaded. People will react to you as if it were loaded

  5. Well – Colin Powell was a big disappointment for sure . Should’ve known… the papers really played him up.
    So far, I like Jim Mattis as 2024 POTUS; he sees the clouds hanging over the Eastern Mediterranean.
    So where do I purchase the t-shirt

  6. Quite simply, nope.

    I wonder how many here have figured out that it doesn’t matter who we put in there from the Republican side, nothing changes. Sad to say, there is no voting our way out of this.

  7. It was CBS Sunday Morning.

    Quite obviously, they wanted to get him to say he quit because ” Trump was Bad ” or something close. They tried every way they knew. All they could get him to say was that he disagreed with Trump. He explained that he was a General and he was good at “Braking things and making things dead” and he had no interest in doing all the compromising that went into running the country. I got the impression that he would be more than ready rejoin the Trump Team as soon as they needed things Broken or Dead ( or preferably both ) again.

    As a General, he has all the right stuff, but as President — Nope.

    But I might be tempted to buy the T-shirt just to push peoples buttons.

  8. I can’t support someone who cannot see the futility of the US presence in Afghanistan. He is smart, he is tough, but apparently blind to a mission that cannot succeed. Trump would be a hero if he gave the order to pack up and leave Afghanistan to the Taliban or whoever wanted the godforsaken place.

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