News Roundup – Vegan Edition

Headlines, with pissy pithy comments.

1) Militant Vegan Gets Smacked By Court — guy should have just shot the bitch.  And in a totally  unrelated piece of news…

2) Veganism Makes You Stupid — most religions, when they mess with your diet, are also stupid.

3) Stupid Is Hereditary, If Vegan — fortunately, most vegans appear to be childless, as they’re too tired to have sex, probably.  Although it would appear that the only thing more stupid than vegans are Customs officials, as below.

4) Vegan “Food” Mistaken For Drugs — although I could probably understand that the crap probably set off the drug-sniffing dogs, their howls of disgust mistaken for drug-triggering.

5) Vegan Eats Meat, Survives — she probably thought it was delicious, until told there was Evil Meat inside.  What’s funny is that she never noticed it was meat.  Clearly, her “vegan-radar” was deficient (amongst so many other deficiencies).

6) KFC Tests Meatless Meats — as long as this insanity doesn’t spread to Chik-Fil-A, I’m cool.

7) …As Does Greggs — as if the news about their shrinking pastries wasn’t bad enough… and with that, I can now officially announce the arrival of End Times.



  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never met a vegan that wasn’t a liberal and dumb as a cork(some overlap).

    OK OK a lot of overlap

    Fine. Dumb as a cork should go without saying.

  2. You’ll note the flaky broad was harassing an English farmer because she knows she can’t get away with that shit on Eid in Leeds and Manchester when the imams were botching the job of cutting animals throats.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she tried it, though?

  3. re:
    vegantarianists, both militant and extra-crispy varieties

    We operate our family farm near Eugene Oregon… probably the most politicized city on this particular planet.

    Every time we drive one of our old Dodge diesels to town == an obvious genocidal / gender violation of that weather changes climate dealy-bob == we know we create massive waves of resentment among TheVerySerious.

    Fortunately, they can vent their frustrations over at the Eww Of Oregon campus, a place of higher learning.

    Meanwhile, safely back home, the dogs and I sit on the porch laughing our fool heads off like a bunch of half-wits.
    I hope this’s OK.

    [no vegantarianists were ‘intentionally’ harmed during the creation of this comment]

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