I’d like to see a lot more of this attitude:

Gerard O’Shaughnessy posted a job advertisement to hire candidates for social media marketing roles at his online ad agency, Business Marketing Services Ltd (BMS) in West Yorkshire.
The 48-year-old created the brutally honest advert saying ‘mickey takers’ and those who call in sick with hangovers need not apply.
Mr O’Shaughnessy became frustrated after wading through stacks of applicants who didn’t fit the bill for the role, which would see the employee working from 9-3, with free gym access, but would also mean their phone was locked away all day.
After stating the perks of the job, he then highlights that he doesn’t want people who are addicted to their phones to apply as well as weekend party-goers and those with ‘psycho’ boyfriends demanding regular text updates.
Mr O’Shaughnessy has been working at the business for 15 years, and said we are living in a ‘generation of snowflakes’.
He highlighted how previous staff members had ‘complete meltdowns’ after the company made it compulsory two months ago for phones to be locked away each day – only being given back at lunch time and of course at the end of the day.

Give the man a medal.


  1. Good luck, but I’m not optimistic.
    For 6 months I tried to hire 2 people for a semi-professional entry level position. I was stunned and appalled at what was out there. After running the ad for a month I edited it to say, “No visible tattoos, piercings or brands”. As I said, semi-professional, that means potentially meeting and interacting with my clients about their building designs. Everyone that I met with behaved as half their age, lacked any sort of professionalism, had almost no education on any level though all were supposedly HS graduates and some college, and none had any sense of style. Again, this was for an entry level position with room for fast advancement in the field of high end architecture – learning from the ground up. In 20 years, if architecture is to exist in the US it will have to be done by computers only as the human contribution seems to be waning drastically. I see this across the board in all industries, a complete absence of humanity in all things.

    The primary reasons:
    1. Huge volume of broken families.
    2. Abandonment of the traditional education system.
    3. A gov’t-media complex committed to reducing the population to idiocy.

  2. West Yorkshire police have announced the arrest of Gerard O’Shaughnessy by their Mean Posting Investigation division. Head of Department, Ima Dick, stated, “We cannot allow such things to be seen, heard, or read by the people of Great Britain today. In the spirit of fair play for all, no one at any time may be shocked, upset, or traumatised by anyone not of color, transitioning, or CoE, under penalty of death.”

    And so say all of us! – The press

  3. Hmph. You can tell I’m getting to Old Fart status, I avoid taking the cell phone with me. Not to mention that I frequently work in spaces where having a cell phone on your person is good for firing…if not a prison sentence.

    I’ll add that what I’m seeing is that the current generation is VERY bifurcated. The good ones are sharp, disciplined, and a pleasure to work with. The bad ones…well, I hope they enjoy their careers as crash test dummies.

  4. People need to grow the hell up. If your employer has an inconvenient policy, you figure out a) how much the inconvenience is worth and b) is your compensation covering it. If the answer is no, find another job or start your own business and run it like you want.

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