1. WA has shall issue non-resident permits. OR non-resident permits are may issue but I have one from Grant County. Both take some forward planning as in popping across the border, doing the paperwork and waiting a couple of weeks.

    It looks like you just have the TX permit but things get more complicated if you have multiples as some states don’t recognize NR permits from places that the recognize the resident permits from. Also some states now have enhanced permits that have different recognition status in other states.

    Personally, I think this is the definitive source for unraveling the tangle.
    It has links to state authorities and is updated constantly.

    Edit: I forgot that you have to be from a contiguous state to get OR non-resident permit.

  2. Nobody will ever get to dictate whether I use my possessions or not. Fuck em ded.

  3. My old club/NRA chapter in NJ used to hold “road shows” where they’d step you thru filling out the non-resident applications in other states to cover as many states as possible. Of course you could be set up to carry legally in most OTHER states, but it was still verboten in NJ.

  4. This is as good a delineation as any of the “lines” referred to in the term “behind enemy lines.”
    While you can travel through these places (except perhaps NY/NJ) with a weapon on board (although not handy), if you carry it, you are unlawful.
    The Pacific Northwest is beautiful and worth seeing. Just think of it as Siberia. Fly, tour, and get the hell out. It’s not our country any more.

    1. On a second note, I used to think it was a clever idea for FFL’s in places like Yuma, Kingman, and Reno to have locker facilities. “Going to California for the week? Check your weapons here!”
      There are no such businesses, at least that I know of, which may mean there are more unlawful folks than CA would like to believe. In any event, TX license plates are likely probable cause in the CA/OR/WA Soviet Socialist Republics. Rent.

      1. I have stashed a gun at an FFL 5 miles inside America when I had to go through NY. Guy didn’t even charge anything though I bought some stuff as a way of payment.

  5. Interesting, my Ohio permit is honored by Washington state. Wonder why the disconnect with Texas?

    I got a Florida permit some years ago to carry in states that recognized that permit but not Ohio’s (Texas being one of them at the time)

    Since my last renewal was after 2015 Texas now honors mine, and most civilized states are now recognizing Ohio as well, so I’ll probably let my FL permit expire and save the money as there’s nowhere that I want to travel that does not honor my OH permit.

    (I have to drive through Ill-annoy sometimes, but there is an exemption for permit holders traveling through, (http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/illinois.pdf TV/Car Carry).

    or, I can do the Federal law lock them in the trunk routine in Indiana/Iowa before crossing over to occupied territory.

    Or, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell works for so many things)

  6. Looks like my Tennessee permit is welcome almost everywhere I care to go in the country, with the exception of Oakland, CA. I left the People’s Republic of Kaliforniana for America twenty five years ago, and I shudder to think what driving around with out-of-state plates must be like there now.

  7. I don’t give a fig who reciprocates. If I don’t need it, no one will ever know I had it. If I need it, the consequences of not having it stand to be far worse that carrying illegally.

    The door the the jailhouse swings both ways. The door to the morgue, not so much.

    1. Be aware that NJ cops (at least) will check an out of state license plate against other states’ CCW registries and consider having the license probable cause for searching your vehicle.

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