Well Now, Lookee here

Seems as though the Pantifa Brigade are looking to escalate the thing:

“How’s DC coming along? Cant fight if you cant see. I want to blind as many of you c— suckers as possible. A nice balloon filled with Muriatic acid, covered in wax will so do the job.”

My question:  at what point will our so-called “law enforcement” agencies begin to actually treat this bunch of assholes like the terrorists they are?  It’s not like they can’t be identified:

I’m thinking snipers on rooftops*, with carte blanche  to shoot anyone wearing a mask who makes an overt act of violence.  Tell me that this response wouldn’t end this shit immediately.

*That is, if D.C. SWAT can be wrenched away from the important job of serving warrants for unpaid parking tickets…


  1. DC police turned in their long guns for speed guns a long time ago. They’re now part of the tax collection racket. When those who are charged with “protect and serve” are converted to revenue generation your government is too big.

  2. DC police are as much part of the Deep State as their counterparts in Portland, Or.
    They’d stand by and do nothing against the fascistis, and then defend those terrorists against those trying to defend themselves against them.

  3. From the beginning of time, if you frequent trouble in all of it’s many forms you will get what you deserve, and, if you delegate the protection of your life to others you will get also what you deserve.

    What you are seeing here is, from the top down, a society of children from teens to adults where no one seems to be held responsible for their behaviors.

    What can be said about a country with so many stupid people?

  4. I can remember a time when the FBI or local police would infiltrate these groups and arrest the lot of them when they were on the way to commit their crimes. What happened to that?

    1. they went from infiltrating the groups to dismantle them to joining the groups on invitation to be an asset to them.

  5. Please note that DC is a gun free zone and antifa knows it. Also not a stand your ground zone and antifa knows it. It is essentially impossible to legally carry a concealed weapon in DC and antifa knows it.
    Do you think they’d try their vicious tactics in Florida or Texas or Alabama? I think not.

    1. “Gun free zone”. Well, sort of. That “gun free zone” appellation is dripping with irony, which the Libtards never can see. They just don’t do irony.
      I did some digging about three years ago, and found 57 armed agencies and organizations in DC, all with some kind of police powers.
      I think I know where Buraq’s 2 billion rounds of small arms ammo went.
      DC has been built into an armed fortress by the swamp denizens, the purpose being not to protect Joe Average Citizen, but to protect the rule makers and hogs at the trough from Joe Average Citizen.
      They know damn well they are stealing us blind, both our money and our rights, else they would not fear reprisals so.

      1. When Old “take your lunch bucket” Joe said that President Trump was an existential threat, he was correct, but for himself and his mafioso colleagues who want to save their “phoney baloney jobs,” to quote Governor Lepetomane in “Blazing Saddles,”

  6. IIRC Col. Cooper advocated for the used of suppressed .22LR in the hands of snipers with instructions to go for lung shots in the leaders in such situations .

  7. Commenting on the reality of the photo for a moment:

    Note, on the far left of the picture, the Chubbette rushing into battle. Clad all in black, she has her bandana, she has her flag, they all have their backpacks or bags (just what, do you suppose, are they carrying. Lunch?) Consider the flag: why is the handle taped? To improve peaceful waving of her banner in the faces of the authorities? Also, consider how she has to hold up her Antifa uniform pants as she “runs” down the street.

    Behind her and to her right, the person with the dust mask to prevent the ill-effects of any “compliance” aerosols that might be deployed against this group. To his right, the fellow with eyeglasses so thick he seems to need a guide dog to make his way to the front lines.

    To the center of the picture, the fashion coordinated young lady who’s red hair matches her red shirt and red socks, perfectly designed to stand out from the crowd when the arrests begin (if they ever do.)

    And finally, right of center and to the rear, the large banner, possibly held together with duct tape, that seems to be aimed towards the “citizens” following it, exhorting them to some higher effort, rather than aimed forward to intimidate their opponents.

    It would seem that a caring sniper with a steady hand might be doing these “people” a favor similar to that of a game warden putting down a rogue animal.

    Not that I would EVER condone such things.

    1. Saddest pf all is the far right, which appears to be a child, already mind-damaged.

      1. Ruined early, perhaps, but he/she/it seems to be one of the only participants with anything close to a “proper” gas mask. Beyond the red and black flag is another mask hanging from a belt.

        But to the petite female’s left, the male in the lead, is that a large nail sticking out of the top of his pole? It would make for a good slashing weapon if used properly.

  8. Me, I’m thinkin’ water balloon slingshots(about a block away on side streets) with a couple of volleys of balloons filled with a mix of kero and gas. Followed by a couple of railroad flares… no more mr. nice-guy.

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