1. My family is full of redheaded women (including my daughter).
    If you want maximum fatalities let the redhead man the gun.
    If you want maximum property damage let the red drive the vehicle.

  2. I think we have to talk some more about the optics on that doorpost the driver’s holding.

  3. Redhead or brunette, I’d be worried about where all those hot casings are gonna be bouncing around inside that Jeep.

  4. Red head on the gun for maximum damage, probably max collateral too but what the hell.

  5. I’m not sure which you have drive, but THAT looks like a production still of a TV show I’d watch.

  6. If it’s any of the redheads that know me, keep ’em off the damn gun for chrissake.

  7. You guys aren’t thinking this through. For maximum damage you want the redhead driving. The minigun is a distance weapon. Let the redhead drive, and the jeep becomes a close range weapon.

    Brunette covers the far away fighters. Redhead handles the crunchies.

  8. As the father of both a male and female Ginger, neither of which I would willingly share the road with- let the Redhead operate the weapon…

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