1. Never knew what a stoat was and now I do, some sort of a smelly weasel thingy and I read a bunch of the Ishmael thinking he was referring to a shoat. We do have shoats here in Texas and we shoot them so why not shoot stoats instead of trapping them? The neat shit I learn from the interweb is astounding.

  2. Cool. Seems to run off at the mouth, a bit, and to do twenty paras of background before getting to the point, but he’s so damn wholesome that I added him to my feedlist.

  3. Thanks for the link Kim. I don’t (yet) know who this fellow is but will delve deeper.

    From the first 5 posts read, he definitely puts the Culinan diamond to shame.

    Such wit must be enshrined for all time and widely disseminated.

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