So What?

Here’s one of those wealth-envy headlines which makes me want to load up the old AK-47 and take a day trip, not to the offices of the tax-avoiding corporations, but to the offices of the Daily Mail (and not for the first time either):

Big companies avoid £100billion a year in corporate tax thanks to ‘spider’s web’ of British offshore tax havens

  • Tax Justice Network ranked 64 countries on the tax avoidance they enabled
  • UK outsourced corporate tax haven game to ‘spider’s web’ of offshore territories
  • British Virgin Islands, followed by Bermuda and the Cayman Islands topped list
  • Network said UK bears the lion’s share of responsibility for the ‘breakdown of the global corporate tax system’

Looks like the Brits are finally doing something right, because anything that breaks down the so-called “global corporate tax system” can only be A Good Thing.

Reminder to the Daily Mail:

  • Tax avoidance means not paying unnecessary taxes according to the law
  • Tax evasion means not paying the taxes you legally owe.

Then again, if I’m going to be paying an AK-enabled visit to anyone, it should be to the offices of this “Tax Justice Network” crowd.  They seem like an evil bunch of assholes.


  1. Kim, I did say you shouldn’t be reading The Daily Hate. It is, just a touch, unbalanced. It’s also true that the Dirt Digger’s Times can be irritating but they sometimes get their facts right, (or almost right).

    1. I like unbalanced. It makes me feel good about myself.
      Besides, I can endure a great deal of Mail Bullshit as long as they keep publishing pictures of Train Smash Women and Carol Vorderman.

      Also: the Times wants me to subscribe, and I am a Cheap Bastard.

  2. Fair enough, if you want unbalanced, The Daily Hate is it. (though The Telegraph might beat it)
    Train Smash Women, good
    Carol Vorderman, good
    You might want to add Rachel Riley to that list.
    I can also understand not wanting to subscribe, fortunately it comes through my front door every day, (though I refuse to read the weekend versions because of their contributors), (danger of apoplexy).

  3. The “Tax Justice Network” is a glorious and beautiful long con, short con and medium con created and milked by one Richard Murphy, who has carefully studied the words and deeds of the greats from Gregor MacGregor through Frank Abagnale and Canada Bill Jones.

    And don’t forget some cons are very good, namely ones that con money out of governments. It would be immoral to let foolish voters and taxpayers keep their money. With that in mind, time to get to work on my plans to get some big, Trumpian yuuuuge, government grants to research turning plastic straws and disposable shopping bags into a perpetual motion carbon absorber.

      1. He is, and I do every day, though Worstall continues to annoy by letting his white hot hatred of Murphy stop him from posting links to Murphy’s latest crooked idea so I have to google them up myself. He posts in 3 places now, and it’s usually a fun read.

  4. Call it what it is, “Theft Justice”.

    And you’re right about that AK47, as all advocates of theft need to receive the buttstock at the base of the skull and thieves themselves need get the other end.

    Same with people displaying public envy, buttstock at the base of the skull, as it is the scourge of any grouping of peoples and the instigator of ill will.

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