Healing Powers

…because nothing says “Government Cares About You” more than a new tax:

Supermarkets are being urged to introduce a new 1p charge to use self-service machines as part of a plan to ‘heal divisions’ blamed on Brexit.
The proposal comes from a cross-party Parliamentary panel on social integration (APPG) which claims £30million could be raised by the scheme to help fund community projects to bring together people from different generations.
But retailers say it would penalise shoppers and effectively be a new tax to use the supermarket.

Read the whole thing to understand what’s going on here.

And do not think for a moment that this couldn’t happen Over Here, because if there’s one thing that’s common to all  governments it’s that when their money runs short, there is no limit to their creativity when it comes to generating new revenue streams.  Even something stupid like a soda tax.


  1. Kim,
    Governments mostly suck flea-infested camel scrotums, and Cook County, IL is no exception. Last year they too implemented a “one cent per ounce” tax on most sweetened, bottled beverages. The tax was so popular, generated so much revenue (/sarc), the Cook County board had to repeal it only 71 days after passage. Toni Preckwinkle, board president, cast the deciding vote on passage of the tax. That decision was so popular with voters that it cost Preckwinkle the recent Mayoral election, and earned her the moniker Toni Taxwinkle. It was fun watching the fireworks from neighboring Lake County, which for the record, isn’t much better.

  2. One bit of happy news from the UK: They too have a mandatory price on disposable plastic shopping bags. The stores realized that a reusable bag costs them about a tenth of a pence more than a disposable bag but they can give those reusable bags away for free, so they do.

    As far as I could see, no store even has disposable bags, but the litter bins are full of reusable ones, and any littering actually done, is done with highly environmental reusable bags.

    A stupid, intrusive and offensive law thus voided with typical British understated style and panache.

  3. “The panel is chaired by Change UK MP Chuka Umunna…”

    That nasty assed negro who should be hunted down and severely beaten, with a stern warning that any more of this shit and he will be killed. The day is coming, when thieves will be treated justly.

  4. While I admit to having recently largely given up my beloved Coca Colas per doctor’s recommendation, it was well after queen sugar preckwinkle’s soda tax was repealed. I never hesitated to go to the next county; additionally, as long as I was doing that I bought my groceries and gas in Lake County too. As much as possible, any grocery trip or large item purchase is still done in Lake County so this pustulant shithole of a county gets as little income from me as I can manage.

    Lake County isn’t great, and it seems to be sliding down the same slippery slope, but it has a long way to fall yet compared to crook county.

    Retirement and the resulting exodus from this state cannot come too soon.

  5. If the BritGov wants to reduce division within Old Blighty, perhaps the tossers should consider a reduction, or elimination, of the policy of importing a new electorate.

    Diversity: the idea that the less people have in common with one another, the better they’ll all get along.

  6. With, apparently, no sense of irony whatsover, Kroger is going to stop offering free plastic bags in the near future. Looks like I’m going to go back to papers bags, then. And, FWIW, I’d willingly pay a nominal fee for bags. I only refuse to use re-usable bags, as they strike me as an excellent disease vector.

    The irony? Plastic bags were originally introduced in reaction to the “unsustainability” of paper bags — which were then and continue to be now made of post-consumer fiber.

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