And people ask me why I never go out without carrying a gun.  Here’s a little fun and games for you:

A mob of eight to 10 males wielding hammers descended upon bystanders at the East Bank Light Rail station on Friday night injuring several.

Just so everyone’s clear on this:  all ten* of the “males” were Somalis.  And it happened in Minneapolis, where carrying concealed handguns is not common.

Curious that this doesn’t seem to happen much in areas where a lot of people do  carry guns, e.g. in my neighborhood.

Wow.  Looks like Minnesota’s policy of allowing thousands of Muslim “migrants” from Africa to settle there is working out just as planned, huh?

*Ten?  Looks like I need to start loading the 1911 with these bad boys.  Good thing I have one or two on hand.


  1. And every time some socialist weenie starts talking about how we should all embrace public transportation, I’m reminded of these sort of events. And damn glad I own my own vehicles. Plural. Gas guzzlers all.

    As for ammo capacity, 7 is enough. I’m pretty sure if you shot one or two, the rest would take off running. They’re expecting no resistance since that kinda spoils the fun.

    1. Why the fuck would you want any of them to get away?

      Sorry, my inner barbarian got loose there for a sec. Nevermind, carry on.

  2. The transit station in question is located on (or within, depending on exactly who owns the land) the University of Minnesota campus.

    Pretty sure college campuses are still Victim Disarmament zones in MN.

    1. I’ve read that about the Light Rail location elsewhere. PLUS, Minnesota is a “Duty to Retreat” state.

    2. That station seems to be at one end of a bridge with which I was quite familiar four decades ago. It connects the University of Minnesota East Bank Campus with the West Bank Campus. When I was first familiar with it there was a new low income housing project near the West Bank campus. There were student protests against the project, as it destroyed quite a lot of old student slum apartment buildings, replacing them with shiny new but ugly high rises. It didn’t take long for the project to deteriorate, going through changes of ownership and management while gaining a reputation for poor maintenance. It eventually became the center of the Somali community in Minneapolis and a very high crime area, with the crime spilling over into the surrounding college and hospital areas.

      These days those high rises are routinely referred to as Little Somalia or Little Mogadishu. From the high rises to that train station is probably a fifteen minute walk. And, yes from that bridge it would be easy to toss evidence into the Mississippi, if you didn’t want to be caught with that hammer or pipe.

      A carry permit holder can legally carry on campus, but only if he is not a student or staff member of the college. Colleges have the option to allow carry by students and staff, but most are as anti gun rights as you might expect.

    1. Where did I read about just that? Authorities in England want hardware stores to report suspicious purchases of hand tools?

  3. 10 attackers?

    I was considering buying an Witness in 10mm ( A double stacked CZ clone in a man’s calibre ). I think I’ll accelerate that decision. We even have Somali invaders here in Cheyenne.

    I talked to one in a Walmart, who was complaining about the -20F cold snap. I suggest he look up the weather in Florida. We exchanged phone numbers. He called a month later and told me everyone in his clan moved to Miami from Cheyenne.

    No longer my monkeys, no longer my circus.

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