Who Knew?

We all know that Anthony Hopkins is a wonderful actor — but did anyone know that he was also a musical composer of some note?  Fifty years ago, he wrote a waltz, but was always afraid he’d be laughed at, thinking that it was no good.

He was wrong.

Some years ago, he asked pop orchestra leader André Rieu to see if he could play it — and Rieu heard it, loved it, scored it and played it last year at his annual concert in Maastricht, Belgium.


And bravo, Sir Anthony.  If you’re going to be a one-hit wonder, it might as well be for this piece as any other. But he’s been writing music all his life — so encore, Maestro.


  1. Simply lovely.

    I can easily see this becoming the basis for an entire soundtrack to a beloved film.

  2. Perfect for playing in the background with a meal of liver, fava beans and an nice Chianti.

  3. Andre Rieu is quite the entertainer, his performances are fun and the musicianship is amazing.

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