“But It’s SO Much Healthier!”

Uh huh.  And then we have this:

Global Meat-Eating Is On the Rise, Bringing Surprising Benefits
Sub-Saharan Africans currently have tiny carbon footprints because they use so little energy — excluding South Africa, the entire continent produces about as much electricity as France. The armies of cattle, goats and sheep will raise Africans’ collective contribution to global climate change, though not to near Western or Chinese levels. People will probably become healthier, though. Many African children are stunted (notably small for their age) partly because they do not get enough micro-nutrients such as Vitamin A. Iron deficiency is startlingly common. In Senegal a health survey in 2017 found that 42% of young children and 14% of women are moderately or severely anaemic. Poor nutrition stunts brains as well as bodies. Animal products are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals. Studies in several developing countries have shown that giving milk to schoolchildren makes them taller. Recent research in rural western Kenya found that children who regularly ate eggs grew 5% faster than children who did not; cow’s milk had a smaller effect.

In the reign of Emperor Kim, all those of the vegan persuasion will be exiled to sub-Saharan Africa, so they can never again be tempted into betraying their religion.

In the meantime, I’m going to help the New Wife in the kitchen:

Can’t run the risk of becoming malnourished now, can we?


  1. About that breakfast. I require my eggs to be of the “hard” cooked type but those look a little too hard – crispy edges are a no-no. Sit that runny shit in front of me and we’re gonna fight. I have never in my life opened a package of bacon and only cooked 2 slices. Same with sausages. I only eat breakfast on the weekends and when finished a 2 hour nap is required.

  2. Time to go all the way in the opposite direction Kim. Get a huge stick and poke Veganism in the eye–go Carnivore, or as some call it zero carb. By the grace of God you’re in Texas so you’re perfectly placed to eat meat and sneer at pantywaist plant lovers.

  3. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life. It’s not unusual to see Mexicans of a certain generation who grew up poor that barely stand 5’2″. Then their adult children who grew up with an Americanized diet stand beside them at 5’10” or better. Same genes, better diet.

    I’m sure the same applies to all ethnic groups, just in this region it is highly noticeable with that one particular group. Malnutrition as a kid is a bitch.

  4. Must be a picture of your wife’s breakfast before you offered to help. My suggestion: Add one more egg (crispy edges indicate they were fried in bacon grease, a good thing at my table.) MUST add (LOTS!) more bacon. Another sausage or two would visually balance the extra bacon on the plate. Also, a moderate to severe sized pile of golden crispy hash browns, also cooked in bacon grease. And biscuits! Got to have biscuits and real butter and mesquite honey.

    Then comes the post-breakfast nap. It also eliminates the need for lunch.

  5. I cook bacon in the oven. I’ll never go back to that splattery assed fry pan.
    I have to start last, first. I save my bacon grease in a glass container and use a paper towel to smear the bottom of a cookie pan to keep the bacon from sticking. Then I lay out a full pound of bacon on the sheet edge to edge and it just fits. I slide it in the oven on the middle rack and lay another cookie sheet on top of it upside down to prevent splatters. I also put 2 big stainless steel serving spoons under one end so the pan is sloped and all the grease runs to one side, then I don’t have to lay the cooked bacon out on paper towels to drain. Then the oven it turned on to 400 degrees and 20 mins later heaven has been created.

    I won;t eat under cooked chewy assed bacon. My method makes fully cooked bacon that is not crunchy brittle. Just right, slightly flexible, but firm. Then, when the pan is slightly warm I pour the liquid grease in a 2 cup anchor hocking container that has a plastic lid. I use that shit for everything. Wanna make bland assed frozen green beans soar? While boiling them put a spoonful of bacon grease in there and stir. Cook eggs too of course but break the yolks and pay attention to avoid those horrifying brittle edges. Next time you do burgers on the grill put a teaspoon of bacon grease on top of each patty. I keep the bacon grease in the fridge so it doesn’t go rancid, not that that can happen around here cause I use it in everything.

  6. Yep, what you all said….

    In my mid 70s at my last check up my numbers were excellent, best they have been since I first had cancer in 2001 and then kidney cancer later so my part of one kidney has really improved. My doc asked me what I was eating to make me so healthy and my weight is also down almost ten pounds. I told him two slices of bacon and two eggs with no toast every morning and he said perfect.

    I also told him I had two to three well measured shots of scotch every evening before my meal and he said that was great too, stay with what works. No drinks before 5 and none after my meal. My wife and I avoid starchy food and kind of live on meat and vegetables and we stay away from sugar so maybe I am good for a few more years.

  7. “Can’t run the risk of becoming malnourished now, can we?”

    I’ve seen your picture. No danger of this for at least 6 to 9 months!

    I kid because I’m in the same boat.

  8. I just have a single egg… But it’s a goose egg, equal to about 3 sometimes 4 chicken eggs. cooked in bacon/sausage grease or lard. I usually make a hash of onions, peppers, mushrooms, cabbage, and/or whatever is left from last nights dinner to soak up the extra grease. About the only time I use potatoes, is in home made corned beef hash. I haven’t died from any of this yet.

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