Not Quite

This from our little Somali-American friend (Soc – MN):

Ilhan Omar calls herself Trump’s ‘biggest nemesis’ and his ‘nightmare’

Please keep up your unhinged rants against America and Israel, my little Hamas/Hezbollah/Communist sympathizer, because you are actually going to help Trump win reelection in 2020 and, most likely, you’ll also help your adopted political party lose their House majority.

Some nemesis.  Some nightmare.  (Maybe for Nancy Pelosi;  not so much for Trump.)

What I’d like  to do is find the USCIS bureaucrat who granted you asylum in this country, and kick him — hard — in the nuts.  (Not in the ass;  he’s probably black and blue back there from kicking himself  by now.)

Fucking parasite.


  1. Every time I see that wench I wanna punch her ass in the face.
    About 80% of the votists in this country have the mentality of children.
    Hopefully they will pay a very heavy price for their choices.

  2. I’d love someone to ask Trump about that quote and to have him reply “Who?”

  3. As I make the (depressingly short) drive into Minneapolis, I always despair at the fact that 70% of the adults I’m about to encounter voted for this trainwreck, and would vote for her again tomorrow.

    Whether it’s because they’re all dumb as rocks, or evil, the takeaway is the same – always count your change when you’re in Minneapolis.

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