Hatin’ On Them People

Wow.  How about this for a headline?

Keynote speaker at Bob Jones University diversity conference says Muslims should be ‘locked up’

Just kidding.  Here’s the actual headline:

Keynote speaker at Harvard diversity conference says Christians should be ‘locked up’

Read the rest, if you feel like it.  Then load up yer favorite gun and a couple hundred rounds of ammo, and head out to the range.  That’s what I’m going to do, later.

Fuck ’em.


  1. Better, be a big bucks alum. When the inevitable begging letter appears, show up in person (you’re a big bucks alum, they WILL see you.) and explain why they are dead to you, and your bank account.

    Not a big bucks alum? Don’t let your kids go there. Convince all your friends and associates not to let their kids go there. Write your congresscritter and senators that Big SJWU is not worthy of non-profit status as they are taking political stances and deserve, DESERVE, to be taxed appropriately. Nice, big tasty endowment you got there, shame if something were to happen to it… Two, or many, can play this game. Fly the black flag and sharpen the blades.

  2. re:
    take it to the range

    A couple weeks ago, I dreamt I didn’t have the strength to pull the trigger.

    Using two hands while the goofballs patiently waited, the slug eventually dripped out of my barrel to plop at my feet.

    One cure == some loud hands-on recoil with satisfactory groupings.

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