When the history of the world is explored at some time far into the future, historians will scratch their heads at the collapse of an entire culture and civilization, and wonder how a society so successful, so prosperous and so advanced could have fallen into disrepair and decay, this little footnote may shed some light on the topic.

Now as we all know, today’s grannies are generally not the same as grannies of yore.  Here’s yore:

…and here’s today:


Sadly, however, this modern-day ageless sexiness seems to have washed away the modesty and reserve for which grannies were once renowned, and one arrives at this sad conclusion (warning: link contains extreme nausea risk):

A grandmother and self-proclaimed ‘prolific cougar’ who has dated hundreds of toy boys believes bedding men under 30 is the key to keeping young.
Gaynor Evans, 57, from Enfield, North London, has dated more than 200 younger men since she had a fling with a 23-year-old after divorcing her second husband in 2010.
The author, agony aunt and businesswoman never dates exclusively and said she has no intention of her love life slowing down – despite being a grandmother of four.

…and there you have it.  “Agony aunt” indeed.


  1. The “ladies” you offer as today’s representatives are not representative of the vast majority of today’s grandmothers. I think you’ve suffered from “selection bias” (is correct term?) This often happens when we select samples from biased sources such as the popular press.

    This is not to say that grandmothers today aren’t different from those of fifty years ago. Today people over fifty are “younger” than those of fifty years ago, and there’s a huge effect from that. In my experience though, that effect just allows us to enjoy life more, and it’s not such a bad thing. 😉

  2. The North London Granny is quite a dish.

    But, as ghostsniper points out, it’s a petri dish.

  3. Watch Pasta Grannies on YouTube. They’re 90+ year old gals who all have great big rolling pins, and they know how to use them. ;^)

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