Not Guilty

So the MAGA-inspired attack on that actor turns out to have been staged, for whatever (I don’t care which) reason.  Predictably, when the thing was first publicized, the fucking Lefty media were all over it — right up until it was proven false.  Then we got shit like the following, with the inevitable (and splendid) rejoinder:

Has anyone else noticed that every time one of us MAGA people has been accused of a hate crime, it turns out that the entire episode was either a put-up job (as above), a complete fabrication (e.g. “slashed hijab”), or self-inflicted with no witnesses (e.g. “hateful graffiti”)?

One would almost think that the Left was playing the whole thing to advance their various agenda… Reichstag  fire, anyone?


  1. Of course the left fabricates and lies, they’re socialists/communists at root, and lying is what they do. From fake fantastic scenarios to answers that somehow always involves stealing a bit more liberty for the (empty) promise of a solution, all while coalescing more power for themselves, it’s just the left qua left.

  2. I have often wondered about the German press’ cooperation (intentional or not) with the Nazis. I think a historical look into that might be very illustrative to the dangers our press currently poses WRT the rise of totalitarians.

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