A Tale Of Four Shitties

…by which I mean shitty states to live in if you’re a gun owner, that is.

First up is our perennial anti-Constitutional state, California:

They’ve already proposed a requirement for gun owners to lock up their weapons, They’ve previously suggested a 10-year prohibition on firearm possession for anyone convicted of two drug or alcohol offenses within three years. They already have proposed a gun tax to fund violence prevention. It seems those things aren’t enough to add to their gun control basket.

Yup:  the Golden (Shower) State is going Full Europe (and you never  go Full Europe).  However, not even Europe is considering what Illinois is talking about:

That’s why [some asswipe from suburban Chicago — Kim]  is proposing gun buyers reveal their public social media accounts to Illinois police before they’re approved for a firearm license.

You have to know how bad a thing is when even the dickheads at the ACLU (who loathe  the Second Amendment) are opposing it.

And of course, New York is trying to be even worse than Illinois:

Fuckwit Didech says his bill is a less intrusive version of a similar measure that’s been proposed in New York state. That version allows police to recover a gun license applicant’s entire browsing history.

And then there’s Connecticut, which is trying to limit ammo purchasing through taxation:

A first-term Connecticut lawmaker wants to hike the price of ammunition in the state through the application of a special tax.

“I’m hearing push back about the need to protect one’s home… but how much ammunition does someone really need to do that?” Gilcrest said in a post to social media.

Anytime I hear someone say something like that, I buy another 500 rounds of ammo.

Man, it’s a Good Thing I don’t live in either Illinois or the Northeast anymore;  I’d be fucked harder than a $5 whore during Fleet Week.

The best thing I ever did was leave Chicago for Texas.  The second-best thing I did was toss my Illinois FOID card into the Mississippi River on my way down.


  1. I have said it before: Resist!

    “They” can pass all the laws they want. They can screw around and stomp all over our Rights all day long. It will do no good if we RESIST. They’re not making friends, they’re not solving crime or preventing violence.

    If we refuse to comply with this foolishness, then what? We become lawbreakers who will erase all we can of our correspondence and deny whatever remains, but we will know the truth and find other ways to communicate. We will become criminals when we refuse to pay their taxes because we will find ways to purchase weapons and ammunition from unregulated sources outside their jurisdiction and we will find better ways to cover our tracks and hide our armories.

    We will become as our ancestors did when the Brits tried similar stupidity. We will become Patriots!

  2. Notice if you will that these amcom cowards only say what they do behind the shield of guns purchased with stolen money. These rotten asswipes would never even consider saying such things face to face to a citizen.

    No one gets to say anything at all about things that I possess. Ever.
    This is not a constitutional thing, for that parchment has nothing to do with me, it is a natural right thing, which can only be violated by criminal action. Criminals should be dispatched immediately by their victims.

  3. Kim;
    You missed out on one of the worst. The Peoples Republik of New Jersistan.
    They’re bad and rabidly getting worse.
    So happy I fled 20 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

    1. I was thinking the same thin about New Jersey, I was warned when I was working for two months in Pennsylvania about ten years ago that those of us from Texas who pistols in our cars were committing a criminal act if we drove into New Jersey with a pistol, locked in a case in the trunk of the car and if we had hollow points each bullet was a separate offense. I was not sure if this was true but we had to attend some meetings in New Jersey so we were careful to leave forbidden items back in Pennsylvania because we did not want to find out the information was correct.

  4. Kim, you left out the People’s Demofascist Dictatorship of Maryland. Where they are now trying to require fingerprinting and a training course to buy a single-shot .22 rifle…after a 7-day waiting period, of course.

  5. Stay away from Australia then, and Western Australia specifically.

    We need a licence to possess any firearm, even an air rifle.

    Firearms can be banned outright by the police if they look “scary”; i.e. if they look military or “tactical”. The police can ban a firearm without the need to resort to parliament — it’s done simply by existing legislation which gives them the authority.

    Ammunition must be locked away in a safe, separate from your firearms, which also must be locked away. In WA, “ammunition” includes even unprimed brass and inert projectiles … so I have three safes to meet requirements. NO-ONE, not even my wife, is permitted access to any of the safes; the keys must be secured somewhere safe and NO-ONE is allowed to know where that is. By law, my firearms MUST be locked away securely whenever they are not being used, even in my own home while I am there.

    If I use a firearm at home in self-defence, for example, to shoot an intruder at night, I will be charged. The prosecution will argue that IF I had time to get my keys, unlock my safe, take out my firearm, unlock the ammo cabinet, load the rifle and use it, then my life was patently not in imminent danger and I will probably be charged with manslaughter at worst or unlawful wounding or similar at best. I would lose all my guns forever, cop a huge fine and, possibly, jail time. The intruder is also free to then take civil action against me.

    Even having a fired .22 cartridge case rolling around in the back of a ute (pick-up) is a criminal offence.

    I can ONLY possess brass and projectiles for firearms I have a licence for. I have a fired 7.5 x 55 brass case with a split neck on my desk, that I found at the range. It’s an offence because I don’t have that calibre on my licence.

    Police don’t need a search warrant to enter your home if they reasonably think some firearm offence has been committed; e.g. neighbour looks in your window, sees your rifle on the table where you had been cleaning it, but you’re in the bathroom, and he turns you in to the police for an “unsecured firearm”.

    Doctors and other health professionals can have your licence revoked by claiming you are unfit to own a firearm. Even if you take your case to the State Administrative Tribunal and win, by legislation the medicos can NOT be held responsible or sued.

    Police need neither a warrant nor a “reason” to stop your car and search it.

    There are only two reasons for owning a firearm — recreational shooting (which also covers collectors and movie makers etc.) and sporting purposes. Recreational shooting mainly includes hunting and vermin control. If you don’t own land yourself, you must produce a signed form from a landowner giving you permission to shoot on their property. The police will inspect the property, especially its size and distance from roads, and determine if it’s good enough or not. They will also determine what calibre you will be allowed to have, based on (a) available game/vermin on the property and (b) its size. (For example, he required acreage for a 22 magnum is 100 acres and a 22 long rifle is 25 acres. This is not legislation, but purely and simply what the police want and require.) You will be highly unlikely to get a licence for anything “heavier” than a .338 Lapua — and even that would be pushing it!

    All new firearms owners must sit a mandated test of firearm use and safety knowledge. The pass mark is 100%.

    There is a nominal 28-day waiting period, but this is nominal only! Delays of up to three months are not unheard of. If at the end of 28 days you don’t contact Licensing and tell them you want to continue, they will cancel your application because, obviously, you didn’t want it badly enough!

    Handguns can only be used for organised sport (or collectors or movie makers etc., who cannot fire them or possess ammo for them). Once in a club, you will be on probation and restricted to a rimfire for up to 12 months. The club will then support an application for a centrefire — if you’ve been a “good boy”. To maintain possession you must attend and compete in a minimum of (from memory) eight organised shoots per year. (Similar applies to rifles on a Club support licence — you can NOT use them for hunting or recreational shooting, purely for target shooting on an approved range.)

    All firearms applicants must undergo a police background check. I got reprimanded by a copper years ago because I hadn’t told them on the form that I had had a parking infraction many years prior!

    Handguns can NOT be used for hunting under any circumstances.

    There is NO ownership (of any firearm) for personal defence; in fact, by law this is specifically excluded as a reason.

    There is NO hunting on any public land in the entire state (which is 1/3 the size of the contiguous states of the USA!). Duck hunting is totally banned. Kangaroo shooting is controlled and by permit only.

    Crossbows are banned. Longbows must be registered with police. Slingshots are banned. It is illegal to carry a knife, even a pocketknife, on your person without a legitimate reason; e.g. you are on your way fishing.

    There’s a hell of a lot more, but I’ve depressed myself sufficiently as it is …

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