Aw, Diddums

OMG it must be so difficult to be a vegan these days

British vegans claim they have been mocked, derided and snubbed by waiters because of their lifestyle choices.
MailOnline spoke to three women about their experiences of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and all three said they had encountered problems when dining out – from milk in their coffee to salad containing eggs.
It comes after a study found that well over half of vegans (61 per cent) have faced difficulties and been ‘snubbed’ by waiters when eating out at restaurants because of their choice of diet.
A further 41 per cent claimed that waiters have accidentally served them food excluded from their diet, with a third (35 per cent) said they struggle to find the right foods when eating out.

Listen to this tale of horror:

‘On another occasion when ordering a vegan salad from the menu – I was brought the wrong food – a salad with anchovies and egg on it. When I pointed out that this isn’t my order, in response I got: “No, this is vegetarian, just what you asked for!” I then embarked on a long conversation explaining the difference.’

I can just imagine the tone of the “long conversation”.  And by the way, a “study” of a sample of a splinter section of society isn’t going to yield credible data, so take your 41% and 61% and eat it — provided the numbers are plant-based, of course.

Let’s see if I’ve got this right:  you assume behavior that sets you apart from the mainstream of society, then try to make everyone change to fit your freakish choice.  Ergo:

Oy.  Nothing like an evangelist, eh?

Veganism is not a lifestyle choice, it’s a religion.  And I’m an atheist.  The same, by the way, goes for bullshit eating restrictions like halaal and kosher.

All this talk of food has done the usual to me.  Time for brekkie.

And I apologize for the “vegetable” part of the meal, but it was  cooked in beef fat.


  1. Those are mushrooms, aren’t they? Therefore they’re not vegetables – they’re not even plants.

  2. The only reason I’ve considered becoming vegan is to score some of those free tickets to a Beyonce/JayZ concert. That should do it for just about anyone. Especially conservatives.

  3. Wait, “enslavement, rape, and murder” of animals?

    I’m all for enslavement and murder of animals, as needed, but rape? I finally found something I agree with vegans about! I’m 100% against the rape of animals. I just have one question: Is that really an issue?

    1. Remember the animals of concern to vegans are only the ones used for food (e.g. cows, fish, chickens, lamb, pigs, etc.). Vegans rarely seem to care about the animals that are killed to cultivate all their vegetables. The moles, mice, rats, voles, snakes, and other animals, considered pests, that are killed during the growing of their precious soy plants go almost completely unnoticed by the vegan faith.

  4. The thing is with these narcissistic food fux is that it’s not about the food, but rather, bragging about themselves. Again. To them, they have a higher state of virtue than you because they are oh so considerate to the animals. And don’t you dare point out the thousands of little cuddly’s that are killed or maimed while harvesting the millions of acres of vegetables and fruits.

    When a narcissist runs it’s yap there is only one known permanent cure. A solid crack across the base of the skull with a blunt metal like object.

    If those eggs hadn’t been yanked from the fire prematurely I’d be all over that rather miniscule plate like stink on a monkey and heading back to the stove for a necessary reload.

  5. Question: How do you tell if a girl is a vegan?
    Answer: Just wait two minutes and she’ll tell you.

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