Beyond Redemption

When we moved from Chicago to north Texas back in 2002, I have to admit to some mixed feelings.  On the one hand, there was conservatism, no gun-prohibition laws, non-intrusive state government, no union bullshit, no Communist representation in the U.S. House;  and on the other hand: all the above.

But there was this, the dawn view from our apartment in Lakeview:

…and the view to the south (it was a 10th floor corner apartment):

…and let’s not forget the Chicago River (view of my office window, back when I worked downtown):


But time has passed, and now we have shit like this:

Deerfield Sen. Julie Morrison introduced Senate Bill 107 on Wednesday. It would prohibit a range of rifles, pistols and shotguns and require every such weapon in the state to be registered with the Illinois State Police. Owners would pay a $25 fee for that registration. A person found in possession of one of the prohibited weapons without registration could face a Class 3 felony, which carries a prison sentence of up to five years and a $25,000 fine.

In other words, you have to register your “illegal” rifle in order to be grandfathered into “forgiveness” of your “crime” — and in return the state of Illinois would promise, cross its heart, never to come and confiscate said rifle in the future.

Uhhhh, sure.

Now I am glad I left (and tossed my Illinois Firearm Owner ID — the hated FOID card — into the Mississippi River on my way down to Texas) — and not for the first time, either.

I could live with the freezing winters, I could even live with the Commie Bitch In The House (Jan Schakowsky).  But as for the rest?  Fuck that.


  1. Women are socialists and fascists by nature. They vote with their emotions, and the will choose security over freedom every time. If women are given access to power and authority… they are going to do stuff like this.

  2. That’s not all:


    House Sponsors
    Rep. Daniel Didech – Jonathan Carroll

    Synopsis As Introduced
    Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act. Provides that the Department of State Police shall conduct a search of the purchasers’ social media accounts available to the public to determine if there is any information that would disqualify the person from obtaining or require revocation of a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. Provides that each applicant for a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card shall furnish to the Department of State Police a list of every social media account.

  3. Kim,

    I reside in Morrison’s district. That she filed SB0107 is no surprise. One interesting quirk of the bill is it makes no mention of banning “hi cap” magazines. So, under the bill, you can’t have the rifles, etc., but the mags are not verbotten. And registering the guns which are “bad” – $25 EACH. I can see that price rising, or being assessed each year, or both. I also direct you to check out SB337 – The Gun Dealer Licensing Act – but only after you’ve secured all guns, removed all heavy objects, etc. Former Gov. Rauner vetoed this foul piece of excrement, twice, but current Gov. Pritzker couldn’t wait to sign it. The basic approach — if all the guns can’t be banned, make licensing the dealers so odious as to drive them out of business. Oh, SB337 also allows IL to inspect the dealers’ records at any time, for almost any reason, creating a backdoor registration scheme for all new sales/transfers. Angry yet? I am.

    Morrison is well documented as a gun hater, and a hater of those who seek to exercise 2nd amendment civil liberties. I’ll not leave my personal opinion of Sen. Morrison on these pages, because the IL state legislature is likely to file bills to “allow” social media comments to be grounds for denying (the hated) FOID and/or CCW tickets.

    One of the reasons I bought my Ruger Carbine last year was in direct response to the attempted AWB by the Village of Deerfield. It is an evil-looking black rifle, but has none of the evil features. I also made sure I stocked up on mags, including a couple of after-market 32-rounders, just because. And since the last pic, I’ve added a Nikon 3x scope, because of my 5x year old astigmatic eyes.

    Kim, I am many years from retirement, and the lady in my life has personal reasons (e.g. elderly mother) for needing to stay in the area. I am, however, starting to think about new geographies for retirement. There are many reasons beyond SB337 & SB0107 to leave IL … for starters, cost of living is out of control. Tax rates for everything are sky high. Violent crime from the city working its way north into the ‘burbs, too many Russians and Indians (dot, not feather), too many “false Jews” and not enough real one’s near me, etc., are among the reasons.

    I hope SB0107 does not get to Gov. “Miserable Rich-boi Fat-Fuck Toilet-yanking, tax-evading” Pritzker’s desk. JayBee the Hut hasn’t seen a 2a rights-restricting bill he didn’t absolutely love. He’ll sign the damned thing. And The Illinois State Rifle Association ( is powerless to stop any of this because both houses of the state legislature have veto-proof Dem majorities, etc., etc., etc.

    In short, IL gun owners are FUCKED.

    From behind enemy lines, deep in the blue depths,

    Your faithful reporter,


  4. Yes…but look on the good side!

    All those criminals that are shooting each other in the Windy-City everyday, will abide by the new laws and make it safe to live in Chi-Town again.

  5. Wife wants to vacation in Chicago this year. I flat out refuse to go there. or for that matter east of the mississippi.

    Not sure how this is going to play out.

  6. We have friends that live in the western suburbs and we try to go for a long weekend every summer.
    We pick one day to go into the city to do a little shopping, a little eating, and see a sights (Navy Pier, The Field Museum, etc.)
    I love walking down the Magnificent Mile in the summer and seeing all the pretty women out and about.
    But live there?
    No. Fucking. Way.

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