I see that the top 10 list of fish ‘n chip shops in the U.K. has been published.  The one I’m going to make a beeline for the next time I’m Over There is Harbor Lights in Falmouth, Cornwall, because of this pic:

Granted, it may have been a promotional gimmick to get that many people to queue up outside the place, but whatever.

All that said, however, I’m still a huge fan of Sharon’s Plaice, in Boscastle, Cornwall:

…because I have never eaten such good fish ‘n chips before, anywhere.  And yes, the potatoes are locally-sourced (delivered fresh daily) as is the fish, caught right offshore and brought into the harbor.  I hope it survives until my next visit — Boscastle is a small village, and very dependent on tourism to keep its head above water, so any  retail establishment there leads a precarious existence (other than the pubs, of course).


  1. Back when I lived iN Seattle, before the place went completely batshit crazy, I would go to the Ballard Fisherman’s Terminal for my seafood. And they had a little restaurant tucked inside that would batter up cod, salmon, or the King of all Fish for fish and chips: halibut.

    Best I’ve ever had. Period. Whenever I’m forced to go back, I always make a trip to Ballard for their fish and chips.

  2. This post subconsciously forced me to do a rural murkin version of fish n chips for supper last night. 2 frozen breaded fish planks, frozen tater tots, 2 small frozen corn on the cobs, tarter made from mayo and relish, malt vinegar.
    I know.
    And I don’t need to hear it.
    It’s an hour to anywhere here so the “fresh off the dock” stuff is not an option here in the dark forest of land locked midwest ruralville.

  3. Most places serve a disgusting sweet tartar sauce as a condiment. It makes me want to hurl – epithets. Marina brand tartar sauce is my favorite non-sweet choice. Or is malt vinegar the proper British choice?

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