1. Yeah, you won, so what? Put two airplanes in a hanger and you won’t have three airplanes soon.

    I TOLD you that you wouldn’t miss your flight, now grab the wing!

  2. And when your plane lands I will have an ‘Uber’ there ready to take you into town.

  3. American Airline’s experimental catapult launched aircraft weren’t successful. Aviation experts stated that the while a 1/4 scale prototype was able to get airborne the catapult system lacked sufficient horsepower to get a fully loaded aircraft into the air. During the 1/4 scale testing the catapult operator was severely injured by an impact from the aircraft tail wheel.

  4. Sorry. No caption, but this photo reminds me of my Grandfather. I’ve seen pictures of him in a buckborad wagon with a lever action rifle across his knees and a picture of him in his college football uniform before the invention of helmets. He had a cord around his forehead holding a leather patch over his nose. He lived to witness American men landing on the Moon.

  5. [Kim, see if this fits the caption zone]

    This just in:
    ex-bureaucrat Joe Biden develops intriguing hatband ornament. Tesla founder Elon Musk interested, immediately applies for federal funding.

    Wall Street heavies Solomon and Steinman merge with central bankers to offer Initial Buyout proposals. Journal proclaims ‘feeding frenzy’ by stock-buyers intent on instant profiting.

    Alert authorities order ‘cease and desist’, blocked by trio of judges later found to be early buyers and secret users according to frequent Instagram posts; insider trading rumors collapse global economy. Zimbabwe dollar voted new reserve currency, Congo protests. Brit officials declare ‘day of mourning’, vow to hunt down Biden, threaten rehabiliatory incarceration with intervenious toefoo ‘until proved decent enough to re-enter society’. ex-first lady Obama declines to interceed, citing prohibitory UN statutes and prior commitment to a much-needed shampooing, says she would buy one ‘if the price is right’. Congo protests, Mugabe re-elected president-for-life, Congo protests that, too.

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