Mitt Romney: Asshole Loser

Let’s just review Trump’s achievements over the past two years, shall we?

Romney’s complaint?  “Wah wah wah he isn’t polite enough.”

Fuck you, Romney.  We tried doing it your way, you lost, and we got eight fucking years of Obama.  Now shut the fuck up, and don’t be an asshole in the Senate, you backstabbing little shit, or your worthless ass will be primaried out of office in the next election.  We already have one Susan Collins in the Senate;  don’t make it two, or you’ll be out before you can say “WTF just happened?”


  1. So a man who follows a known con man is going to lecture President Trump about being fit for office. Amusing.

  2. I liked Romney in 2012. He was right about many things and would have been a better POTUS than Obama. But Mitt needs to shut his yap.

    I’m pleasantly surprised by how well Trump is doing. look at the list of accomplishments that you listed Kim. THat’s quite remarkable. It’s a shame that the GOP congress didnt get on board with Trump’s agenda. There was no reason for them to obstruct the Trump agenda. I’m thrilled that Trump is flinging the poo back at the media that they fling at all Republicans. The media and Democrat Mob, but I repeat my self, deserve it in spades.

    1. “would have been a better POTUS than Obama”

      Based on the amount of spine he showed during the campaign, that conclusion assumes facts not in evidence.

      1. This. He would have betrayed the base. Traitors are always more dangerous than enemies.

    2. A purple-arsed baboon would have been a better POTUS than Obama. Far less damage potential.

    3. ” . . . would have been a better POTUS than Obama”

      That’s a damn low bar. At what point do “mainstream” Republicans grow a pair? You can’t compromise with those who wish to destroy you.

  3. I’d like to think that Mittens, at his core, is a relatively good man. A “nice guy” if you want. People like that invariably put their self image above all else, especially in any elected office.

    Trump isn’t a nice guy. He’s a fighter and a leader, which is pretty much the antithesis of being a nice guy. Name any leader in the last several hundred years, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar they all would have smacked Mittens upside the head and stolen his lunch money.

    1. If you consider how the media went after McCain and Romney in their presidential bids for no other reason than those men had the temerity to run against President Obama and then how the media went after Kavanaugh. No decent man to the right of Stalin will ever run for public office for the next 20 years.

      Yeah, Romney is a nice guy and probably a very decent human being. For those on the right, that is a distinct liability.

  4. I voted for both McStain and Romney, and later came to regret it. GOP establishment, meh.

  5. Arguably, Romney being a 71-year old junior senator is a down-grade – or perhaps comeuppance – from previous political-business positions. Evidenced by his recent written and verbal attacks against the president, Romney’s well nurtured ego is too great to serve as senator. Save that President-of-the-Senate is a Constitutionally spoken for position, Romney would next be striking for that slot. Who knows, with the utmost probity of political hook & crook, Willard’s new goal may be that of Senate Majority Leader. While the Turtle finds himself atop the post wondering how he got there! Going forward, if I were a Member, aside from needful professional interaction I’d shun Romney. Actually I’d extend shunning to select Members of the opposition.

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