The late (and much-missed) Col. Jeff Cooper once said this about violence:

“One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that ‘violence begets violence.’  I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does.  I would like very much to ensure — and in some cases I have — that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.”

[pauses to let the applause die down]

So when you set yourself up as a “saboteur” — of a perfectly-legal institution, mind you — and part of your modus operandi  is violence, do not be surprised if violence is visited on you in turn.  Such as in this instance:

Hunt saboteurs claim they were attacked after one suffered a bloody eye as violence broke out between supporters and placard-wielding protesters during traditional Boxing Day hunts around the country.
Riders with packs of hounds – following scent trails laid in advance to comply with the 2004 Hunting Act forbidding the hunting of foxes with hounds – set out under cloudy skies this morning in order to maintain the tradition.
But scenes of chaos erupted in Elham, Kent, as a saboteur was hospitalised after allegedly being thrown in front of a passing car ‘that deliberately swerved’ before being punched and kicked by a group of hunt supporters.
A hunt saboteur posted an image of his bloodied eye after allegedly being ambushed by ‘two or more men’, according to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.
A spokesperson for the group said: ‘A group of drunken hunt supporters attacked the saboteurs and their vehicle as they tried to leave’.
And the group claimed a 19-year-old female demonstrator was allegedly punched in the face by a hunt supporter in Tenterden, while a band that had turned up to play reportedly had their equipment damaged.

And we have this as evidence:

But let’s make sure that we don’t just see pics of the loonies.  Here are a couple of the hunt supporters:

And for my Murkin Readers unfamiliar with the ancient custom, let’s make one thing perfectly clear about all this protesting:  it has nothing  to do with protecting foxes, although that’s the pretense.

It has everything  to do with with abolishing an activity largely enjoyed by the upper- and upper-middle classes — in other words, it’s a class  issue.

The very fact that hunting was originally banned by a Labour government headed by the loathsome Tony Blair is sufficient proof thereof.

And all I can say to the hunt supporters is:  keep up the good work of thrashing the “sabos” at every opportunity.


  1. Would it be bad training to set the dogs after the saboteurs? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

    1. I think that might fall under “cruelty to animals”. If you were a dog, would you really want to be biting a Leftist?

  2. Seems a might hypocritical for a protester to wear a fur collar. How many leather shoes or belts would you find in that crowd?

  3. it appears the punchee’s right hand is firmly entwined in the tresses of the puncher. it’s a pretty safe bet that, as in most cases, we’re seeing the second salvo in this battle. i’ve seen the inside of a hockey rink’s penalty box many times for this very reason….

  4. Kim,
    Beagles are Fluffy Lap dogs with short legs and floppy ears, trained to harass bunny rabbits while followed by families on foot on a Sunday afternoon.
    What is shown in the photos are Foxhounds 80 lbs of teeth and muscle that when hunting in a Pack will reduce a full size Buck to hamburger in a matter of minutes. They are trained for Foxes, but will chase deer if given the opportunity.
    The Hunt Master ( the guy with the red jacket and the Horn is the ALPHA dog of the pack. The other of us in Red Jackets are called “Whips” ( see the photos — Those are for the dogs — but probably work on protestors as well ) and our job is to keep the pack from straying too far.
    There is a reason why we are all on Horseback and not on foot when the hounds are loose. Those protestor’s have no idea of the danger they are in. Those protesters are easy prey.

  5. Being an avid hunter for the past 65 years I am most annoyed by the self-righteous indignant, anti-hunters who are not willing to even look at both sides. I suppose the Foxhounds are having the time of their life just my my Brittanys have done with they wiggle and hop around when the guns are being loaded up for bird hunting.

    Were I much younger and actually knew how to ride a horse I think riding to the hounds would be an excellent experience and it pleases me to see that the tradition is still going on with a good time being had by all with the exception of the protesters.

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