This Will Be Fun

…if, that is, you consider “fun” to be watching a rabid coyote in the middle of a flock of chickens.

Hair-On-Fire Party Takes The House

“Here you go, Nancy; it was too heavy for me anyway.”

For the record, Texas supplied two of the lost House seats:  Pete Sessions lost to some ex-NFL player in suburban DFW, and John Culberson to some chick lawyer in suburban Houston.  And my (suburban) district sent Republican Van Taylor to Washington, but with only a 54% margin instead of the 62%+ margins we’re used to.  All three results are the penumbra caused by media darling Skate Board Jesus (Beto O’Rourke), the fake HIspanic who walked on water for Texas Democrats and the national media.

Whatever:  the Communists know that they have no chance of passing any actual legislation because the Republican Senate now has a Susan Collins-proof majority.  So expect them to go after Trump, full-time, using the politics of personal destruction they do so well, the assholes.

Like I said: fun.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to work.


  1. Meanwhile Colorado has swung solid blue, electing a flaming Boulder libtard governor, and another as attorney general, and have also taken both houses of the state congress. I expect renewed attacks against the Second Amendment to follow.

    1. Bet on renewed attacks on the 2A, this is their chance, the one they’ve been thirsting for. Not that there’s any hurry, this state will never be Republican again. A walk through any Colorado front range Wal-mart will confirm assertion.

      BTW, Darrell, you forgot the word faggot after flaming.

      1. Well, it’s implied. What shows how far left Colorado has swung, besides our soon to be homo governor, is the winner of the attorney general office–one candidate was ex-mil, veteran prosecutor, vs. a CU law professor with very little courtroom experience. The one case he’s known for is defending a hardcore pedophile sex offender. Yet again, the Boulder libtard won.

  2. ~ $100,000,000 Turkey ~
    ~ Lots of dinero to win 2nd Place ~
    You Beto watch out
    You Beto not cry
    Beto not pout
    Im telling you why
    Santa Cruz is coming to town…..

    1. His new nickname replaces “Beto” with “Nacho” as in, “He’s Nacho Senator.”

  3. Culberson was my rep. He seems to be a ho-hum squish. Lizzie beat him, but only by riding Skateboard Jesus’s coattails.

    I take solace in recognizing that Paul Ryan was effective in blocking Trump because he had an “R” behind his name, and Crazy Nancy won’t have that cover.

    It’s not much, but it’s what I’ve got.

    1. Did I hear some dissatisfaction with both the majority and minority leaders? Maybe some changes are in the offing.

  4. Who is better for Trump’s reelection – Ryan or Pelosi? I say Pelosi and 2 years of her idiocy is worth it to get rid of Ryan.

  5. I could see the dems seriously fracturing over their victory. The hardcore loonies are going to push for investigations and impeachment while the more reasonable dems (yes they do exist) are going to realize that with the Republicans in control of the senate that’s a dead issue.

    But I think the crazies will jump full-on to the impeachment train and it will lead to a lot of fireworks. Popcorn sales will be through the roof.

    1. “the more reasonable dems (yes they do exist)”

      I’ll believe that when I see any not vote for Pelosi for Speaker of the House.

  6. Trump has had two years to weaponize Obama’s surveillance state. The same way that the “nuclear option” has bitten the dems in the ass, now it is time for the wiretap state to bite them in the ass. In this ham sandwich nation, all Trump has to do is wait for them to start the investigations… and then start indicting them for the way they are running the investigations. They will leak. They will be prosecuted for the leaks. (The tell for this will be if someone is charged for the Kavenaugh leaks before the end of the year.)

  7. Paul Ryan was a pathetic, mincing little bitch. I’m willing to bet my next paycheck that if we had any kind of border security, or progress on a wall, or oh, I don’t know, AN ACTUAL FUCKING BUDGET instead of deficit-bloating omnibus bills, the GOP would still hold the House. Too many people have held their nose and voted R because they had hope that the GOP would actually do something. The steady stream of John Boehner and Paul Ryan consistently bending over and begging the Democrats to ram a barbed-wire dildo up their ass has turned off too many voters.

  8. I’mna not seeing Trump as an ideologue. I’d be willing to bet he’s willing to deal with San Fran Nan, especially if she muzzles Mad Max(ine) ‘Impeach foetie figh!’ Don’t see him willing to live with 2 years of gridlock.

    Time to start fitting Cruz for a SCOTUS robe. Bet he’d breeze through judiciary by acclamation just so they’d be shut of his fourth point of contact.

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